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Who’s the prize clown that’s doing the introductions for the snooker?  After years of the little fat bloke with the curly hair who made guest appearances in the Crucible funnies, accompanying Parrott and Davis, we have a tall guy in a shiny suit who sounds like he’s been seconded from the tannoy announcements in Asda.

Examples this evening,

“and he was el champione in 2002” (to introduce the slowest player since the retirement of Eddie Charlton Peter “COME ON” Ebdon, whose fist clenching hysterics in some matches suggest a man who’s spent rather too long watching and rehearsing that scene from When Harry met Sally).

“Put away those matches because he’s dynamite” to introduce Ryan Day (whose deep set eyes reminscent of a Crimewatch videofit suggested “put away those matches because he’s got three convictions for arson” would have been more appropriate.

My enjoyment of my protracted viewing of the snooker – flicking between channels 301 and 302 on freeview (like those folk sitting behind the curtain separating the tables in the first three rounds of Crucible action) – has been hampered by this buffoon.

Anyway, last night in “The OUtlaw” (as said buffoon christened him) Joe Swails (see what he did there – that’s the PArtridge type levels he reaches) against Liang Wenbo the final five frames were as exciting as anything at the Crucible since 1985 and almost made up for the torment of enduring the Graeme Dott – Peter Ebdon final in 2006.

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I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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