Crucible Bingo

Enliven your viewing on Freeview channels 301 and 302 by playing Crucible Bingo.  First to complete the set with dates, times, and tables is the winner:

“And that’s a bad miss”

John Virgo suddenly declaiming “Where’s the cue ball going?”

Dennis Taylor referring to “this knowledgeable Crucible crowd” as the crowd applaud when a player pots a ball leaving the other player requiring snookers

John Virgo exclaiming in the midst of paroxysms of delight that “And that’s finished [or ended] up perfect”

Clive Everton summarising a frame by describing it merely in terms of 2 breaks, for example, “Bingham made 48, Davis made 80” when the score is Bingham 48 – Davis 80.

Mark Williams shakes his shoulders in a poor parody of John VIrgo’s impression of Ray Reardon, circa 1980.

Unnecessary references to the honours awarded on behalf of the British Empire to former world champions when describing the player

During a century break a quick look at the crowd to reveal a couple of people sitting next to each other in fancy dress

Ronnie O’Sullivan sitting with hands clasped around a cup of hot water before a quick cut to a worried looking Ray Reardon

O’Sullivan suddenly playing left handed because he is bored

Peter Ebdon shouting “Yes” or “come on” following a pot on a colour after a frame lasting some 30 minutes where he is averaging 30 seconds or more per shot.

The commentator almost referencing the criminal travails of the O’Sullivan family but stopping himself – because they know where he lives

If you find John Virgo accurately using an adverb award yourself the Four Corners on your bingo card.

About loveandgarbage

I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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3 Responses to Crucible Bingo

  1. peeeeeeet says:

    Thank heavens this isn’t a drinking game.

  2. pickwick says:

    I’m tempted to put the snooker on just for this. But I did watch hours of the Masters this month, and I’m not sure I can watch the Non-B&Hs as well…

  3. McGazz says:

    Virgo saying “that one wiped its feet!”

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