Judges as critics II

Yesterday I posted a brief mention of Norris, J’s critique of The Chase as “memorably bad”.  It appears he’s a bit of a closet Doctor Who fan and gives this coded message about Terry Nation’s Pertwee stories:

among the items on this footing “copied” the most significant are not in truth text on which Terry Nation expended significant skill and effort as the author of that particular work, but copies or repetitions of text which Terry Nation had earlier produced in the course of other work.” (para 49) 

[context: a comment on matters which appear in The Dalek Chronicles and other books, and which first appeared in the TV show or elsewhere]


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2 Responses to Judges as critics II

  1. surliminal says:

    I’ve been meaning to add a link to you to my v dull blawg entry 🙂

    • I’m afraid my comments are non-legal with high DW geekiness.
      The CHase (para 36) is probably the worst Dalek story excepting the one from last year.
      The reference to NAtion’s Pertwee stories is that Nation regurgitated his plots regularly (to the extent that one script editor told him the story had been submitted before according to a recent DVD documentary about him).
      The fishmen were monsters in The UNderwater Menace (1967 I think) – which featured as guest villian Doctor Who’s most OTT villain Professor “nuzzink in ze vurld can stop me now” Zaroff.

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