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HOuse price inflation

Don’t believe all you hear about house prices when you see how much 3 bedroom houses in Dollar are being advertised at. Of course, there’s always the possibility that someone has screwed up.

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Snooker news

Who’s the prize clown that’s doing the introductions for the snooker?  After years of the little fat bloke with the curly hair who made guest appearances in the Crucible funnies, accompanying Parrott and Davis, we have a tall guy in … Continue reading

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I hate everyone I see from human A to human zee

Film 4 has been repeating some of the Planet of the Apes films – including Beneath the planet of the apes (not bad), and Conquest of the planet of the apes (not good).  As we know these films are public … Continue reading

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Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of New Labour

Yon Prescott has a lean and hungry look pauses only to get coat

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Stories that don’t live up to the quality suggested by their headlines – number 94

The latest in this occasional series “Stripper’s weapon “not offensive””Your own jokes are actively encouraged. 

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The Daily Mash

If you’re not a regular at the Daily Mash it’s worth subscribing to the RSS feed and keeping an eye on this satirical website.  Following the Gordon Brown u-turn (with more to come?) on the 10p tax band it published … Continue reading

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For your consideration

My regular reader may recall my raving about French thriller Spiral, broadcast on BBC4 a couple of years ago.  Well good news, Spiral is coming to DVD in October.  Thrill to the unfeasibly handsome prosecutor, the unfeasibly beautiful detective, the … Continue reading

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Further to last week’s baldness is not a disability news a further possible entry for the New Statesman’s This Britain. Some years ago I watched a Hogmanay show produced my Border Television.  Prominent on screen was a man in his 50s who … Continue reading

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Crucible Bingo

Enliven your viewing on Freeview channels 301 and 302 by playing Crucible Bingo.  First to complete the set with dates, times, and tables is the winner: “And that’s a bad miss” John Virgo suddenly declaiming “Where’s the cue ball going?” … Continue reading

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THat’s entertainment

Well done ITV1.  Since the late lamented passing of Fox TV’s Man V Beast, a show broadcast on ITV2 and still haunting my dreams, I have been disappointed by the quality of entertainment on our commercial channel.  I should not … Continue reading

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Judges as critics II

Yesterday I posted a brief mention of Norris, J’s critique of The Chase as “memorably bad”.  It appears he’s a bit of a closet Doctor Who fan and gives this coded message about Terry Nation’s Pertwee stories: “among the items … Continue reading

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Even the judges are critics now

So we have judicial authority on the merits of Terry nation’s “The Chase” – the Doctor Who story that saw the departure of Ian and Barbara, the introduction of the Mechanoids, and the true explanation behind the mystery of the … Continue reading

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Not pregnant

Following news that Ashlee Simpson is not pregnant, reported widely in the UK, I just want to confirm that I am not pregnant either.   Rest assured my regular reader that if this 6′ 5″ bloke is pregnant you will be … Continue reading

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Dalek survival book not breach of copyright

 Some time ago the Beeb published the Ultimate Dalek survival guide – a small pocket sized paperback, black covered and comprising a mishmash of material treating DW as a fly on the wall documentary and this guide, a handy pocket … Continue reading

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Baldness is not a disability – law clarified today

 Every week the New Statesman has a small “This Britain” feature – with little stories which tell us much about where we live. I nominate the following story reported by the BBC under the headline  “Bald teacher loses disabled claim“.    … Continue reading

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You are home secretary.  How do you deal with the donkeys on the back benches that have taken fright at the handling of the economy and worry about the loss of their seats?  How do you ensure your donkeys vote for an … Continue reading

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Stewart Stevenson MSP

 Apparently the state has paid £600 to train Mr Stevenson in how to face to media. Can I suggest we get a refund?

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ROwling calls for action on Darfur

The above was a headline on Teletext this morning and such is the nature of JK ROwling stories that my first inclination was to assume that there must be some unauthorised HArry Potter merchandise being made there. ETA (Wednesday) – … Continue reading

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I should be doing something else

but football, eh? Bloody hell. ETA  yeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssss – here’s to europe  (and i know it’s not good for the co-efficient, but great for my home area)

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Children’s television

Via the ever-readable Mr whizzerandchips  yesterday I was directed to the Save British kid’s TV campaign I visited the site.  I signed the petition at the Downing Street website. But, does anyone else think it ironic that a blogger at Sky … Continue reading

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