Sheridan update

Gail Sheridan’s disciplinary hearing takes place today.  Fullest report in the media this morning was from the Daily Record.  It reports,

“A source close to the Sheridans [ surely not someone who has written for the Record in the past?] said last night: “Gail has a very strong defence. She has collected miniatures of alcohol for some time and has well over 150. They are kept in a glass display case in her house, so she’s not exactly trying to hide them. Friends and relatives buy miniatures when they fly and they bring the bottles back to pass on to Gail as presents. Some of these people are very respectable indeed and they have signed letters which she will present at the hearing.””

One unanswered query from this is were the police looking for miniatures when they went into the property?  I have to confess that this aspect of the Sheridan case has made me very uncomfortable.  I trust there is an explanation from the authorities in due course as to why the miniatures were or are important.

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1 Response to Sheridan update

  1. shaz_rte says:

    Wonder if they’d have been so assiduous if she’d have collected airplane sickbags ;o)

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