Breaking news – Wendygate

A press release from the Crown Office in relation to Wendy Alexander

6 March 2008


A spokesperson for the Crown Office said:

“After very full and careful consideration of the report from the Scottish Parliamentary Standards Commissioner, Crown Counsel has concluded that a prosecution would not be appropriate in the full circumstances of this case.

“In coming to this decision, Crown Counsel had regard to the fact that:

* there is a degree of uncertainty surrounding the interpretation of these provisions

* Miss Alexander sought the advice of the Clerk to the Standards committee in relation to this matter

* a voluntary disclosure was made to the Electoral Commission

* the issues raised by the case might more appropriately be dealt with by the Standards, Procedures and Public appointments committee”

It is stressed in the release that the law officers did not participate in the decision. 

And ETA you heard it here first apparently.  Nothing on the Herald, Scotsman, or BBC websites. 

And ETA 25 minutes later the Beeb have the news

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