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Heathrow Terminal 5

I’m so worried about the baggage retrieval system they’ve got at Heathrow. Fortunately, I have the answer. PS still ill. back to bed

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Blogging light

Am ill. Normal service to resume some time.

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Sheridan update – bottling it

The Herald reported this morning that in the latest instalment of the Sheridans (an every day story of socialist folk) it appears from sources inside the Crown Office that the charges in the petition against Gail Sheridan do not include … Continue reading

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Tommy Aid

Remember Live Aid?   (you know Phil Collins appearing twice, Queen, all those other folk?) Remember Live 8?  (you know the richest stars in pop getting together, and ignoring their litigation about hats and other delights in order to make poverty … Continue reading

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MSPs working too hard

the minute for yesterday’s Scottish parliament Local government committee meeting in the Scottish parliament is up.  On Trumpton the vote was 5 – 1 in favour of a debate in the chamber, 2 abstentions.   However, I was taken with the … Continue reading

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Should Bin Laden join UKIP?

After his attack on the EU yesterday the question should Osama bin Laden join UKIP?

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Trumpton again (again)

Further to my post on the material released in relation to the Menie estate in the Trumpton planning application I note that the local government committee split on party lines yesterday to recommend that the report be debated before the Parliament … Continue reading

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God bless Galton and Simpson

I thoroughly enjoyed the Galton and Simpson interview with Mark Lawson this evening.  And my admiration for the pair increased when presented with a Desert Island Discs type query from Lawson.  You’d take the Blood Donor surely, he asked (having … Continue reading

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Sheridan update

A very quick update. Things are starting to move.  Tommy and Gail will appear in Edinburgh sheriff court on petition next week. Looks like my camera picked the wrong week to pack up, never mind – v-blogging to begin in … Continue reading

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Trumpton again

When the government release material under freedom of information they usually provide it in a fairly user-friendly manner.  The controversial Aviemore development (which will bubble along for a while with the potential for some damage to the government) saw a … Continue reading

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The land of make-belief?

Why on earth would someone go to court to suppress a judgment. Well, now we know para 16 “I regret to have to say I cannot say the same about the wife’s evidence. Having watched and listened to her give … Continue reading

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Trumpton again

The Scottish government is today revealing yet more on the Trumpton development at Menie.  The main page for the release is here, but this links through to nothing (as at 11.50).  I’m sure it’s accidental, but webmasters for freedom of … Continue reading

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Mills and boon?

So the divorce of the century is ove, give or take an appeal on revealing the judgment.   So my loyal reader what do you think?

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With friends like these…

I see that Iain Dale is single-handedly attempting to boost Labour party fortunes in Scotland by suggesting that a COnservative-SNP coalition or informal voting pact at Westminster is a distinct possibility after the next election. With all of the damage … Continue reading

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A good day to bury bad news

Published today – while attention lies elsewhere – the Northern Rock compensation order SI 2008/718 . HIghlights: The schedule para 3 (2) “The amount of compensation payable to a person shall be an amount equal to the value immediately before the … Continue reading

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Sheridan update

Gail Sheridan’s disciplinary hearing takes place today.  Fullest report in the media this morning was from the Daily Record.  It reports, “A source close to the Sheridans [ surely not someone who has written for the Record in the past?] … Continue reading

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Quatermass on ITV4

Heads up for NIgle Kneale fans – The Quatermass Conclusion (with John Mills) is being repeated on ITV4 next week from Monday evening. 

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Normal service to resume soon

For those who e-mailed to ask where I’ve been, I’m swamped with work at the minute – on a variety of fronts. Normal blogging service will resume in a week or so.

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Breaking news – Wendygate

A press release from the Crown Office in relation to Wendy Alexander 6 March 2008 ELECTION DONATIONS – INVESTIGATION BY SCOTTISH PARLIAMENTARY STANDARDS COMMISSIONER  A spokesperson for the Crown Office said: “After very full and careful consideration of the report … Continue reading

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World Book Day

It’s World Book Day (in the UK and Ireland – elsewhere it’s on cervantes’ and Shakespeare’s birthday – but never mind), so to mark the occasion do you have any recommendations you’re urging to foist on me or my other … Continue reading

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