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Free/Jail (*) the Sheridan Seven (* delete inapplicable according to taste)

… and then there were seven.   Lothian and Borders police confirmed that they had arrested and charged a woman at the weekend (Pat Smith is the popular suspect, the only member of the SSP executive committee who had attended the … Continue reading

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The Apprentice Conspiracy Theorist: You’re Fayed

 So, given that – according to the man the DTI inspectors criticised as a person whose evidence changed regularly in the House of Fraser Holdings plc report – everyone in the world was involved in the untimely death of Dodi, … Continue reading

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“I walked about with a time bomb in my throat” – human pelican speaks

Postman Bill Harveythe human pelicanhas a throat that holds more beerthan his belly can. BUt, sadly for him his freak medical condition is not a good defence on a drink-driving charge.

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THe who do you tell if you discover you or your partner is pregnant poll

Given today’s sensational evidence that a London shopkeeper was the sole confidante of the pregnancy of a London woman I’d like to ask who is the one person you would confide in if you discovered that you or your partner was … Continue reading

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 via surliminal A) Four jobs I have had in my life (other than current job):Researcher; Consultant; loader of vans in clothing factory; Saturday boy in Co-op B.) Four movies I would watch over and over:Touch of Evil, A Matter of … Continue reading

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Which CBeebies star will be arrested next?

 After Mark (from smarteenies) and Milton Wordsworth (the great Danny John Jules, whose performance in Maid Marian is better than anything in the insipid new Robin Hood) who’ll be the next CBeebies presenter to be arrested?  Calls for a poll.

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I have a lot of books – hundreds certainly, maybe 3 or 4,000 books.  They sit in 15 double-shelved bookcases around my house, well cared for, and (at least partly) read (I begin virtually all of my books but have cast many … Continue reading

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It’s an ill wind that blows for Gail

As sources close to Tommy Sheridan’s family anticipate that Gail Sheridan and her father will be arrested and charged with perjury Solidarity has issued a statement on yesterday’s news abou the three arrests of Solidarity members.  They state “Solidarity today … Continue reading

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Will Tommy Swing while Rosemary Byrne(s)? – Solidartomsc update

Earlier in the week I noted that the Daily Record had reported that the fragrant Gail Sheridan and four others had been invited to attend police stations to be interviewed in connection with the ongoing perjury investigation following the aftermath … Continue reading

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“If we’d had our own rocket, I’d have been the first one up there.”

 “i had my name down for the Blue Streak” So, nearly fifty years after Tony Hancock could have been the first one up there the British government is to review British participation in manned space flight.

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Gorgeous George (much loved by the Bedouin) urges readers to send second-hand pants to Jeremy Paxman Man ends up on DNA database for life and with record for being picked up on suspicion of involvement in firearms offence, because someone … Continue reading

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How government messages work

An aboslutely fascinating FoI publication today from the Scottish government with all of the background correspondence relating to the First MInister’s Christmas and New Year messages. Was there a hint of a BBC snub over the Christmas message (see Karen McNally’s … Continue reading

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The indefatigable George

A Bedouin has written an ode to Gorgeous George including such delights as “George the intrepid, that symbol of pluck, A falcon who circled above flocks of game; With a flap of his wings he rose up and up, Inscribed in … Continue reading

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A modest proposal to kick-start the economy – number 94

Given these consumer developments in China can I suggest to the Treasury that Alistair Darling and Prudence the Presbyterian innovate and create some new purported mythological basis for associating different years with different consumer items.  This could involve the attribution of … Continue reading

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A thought on Trumpton

This is how the planning system usually operates in Scotland when a Council rejects an application. Step 1: developer appliesStep 2: Council considers applicationStep 3: Council rejects applicationStep 4:  Developer appealsStep 5: A reporter is appointed to hear the appealStep … Continue reading

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Mills in bloom?

As the divorce of the century begins – What do Heather Mills and Tommy Sheridan have in common?

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Does British intelligence have a sleeper cell inside the SNP?

We know that British intelligence services have infiltrated various organisations around the world.  I now have my suspicions that they have tapped the SNP.  How else can you explain the SNP MEP campaigning to allow Scotland its own entry into … Continue reading

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Conspiracy (to pervert the course of justice) theories

A quick TOmmy Sheridan update as there have been developments.  Things had been quiet since Tommy’s arrest in December but this week INspector McKnacker moved things on.  The Daily Record reported that the fragrant Gail Sheridan (whose look of joy … Continue reading

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It depends on what the meaning of “forthwith” is?

So the Electoral Commission recommend a “No pro” on Wendy Alexander because “In respect of a possible offence under section 56, the Commission has concluded that, while Wendy Alexander did not take all reasonable steps in seeking to comply with … Continue reading

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Northern Rock

What is total potential taxpayer liability in the Northern Rock bail out (without nationalising)? For the answer see Robert Peston here. Better to nationalise Gordon?

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