The Sheridans – an everyday story of socialist folk Episode 994


blah blah defamation blah blah four legs good six legs better blah blah hairy blah blah fragrant blah blah Gail blah blah concrete in Clyde blah blah win blah blah appeal blah blah investigation blah blah wipe out  blah blah radio blah blah king of the swingers blah blah arrest blah blah perjury blah blah CSI: Miami blah blah search house blah blah other arrests blah blah free the Sheridan Seven blah blah miniature bottles blah blah suspension

Leading up to last night’s stunning cliffhanger

Gail has been charged with theft.  But the Sheridans went on the offensive.  They have complained about heavy-handed police tactics.  They have complained that a vendetta is being conducted against them.  And people are coming out in sympathy.  Is the tide turning in favour of our favourite socialist family?  Dear reader, how will the police react?  


Well, somehow today’s Sunday Mail has received a leak from a police source, revealing a rather interesting piece of information.  Let’s not spoil the surprise and hand over to Steve Smith who has this exclusive

“DETECTIVES claim they have traced Tommy Sheridan’s mobile phone to a swingers’ club that he denies visiting.  They have used “cell site analysis” to plot the phone to the vicinity of Cupids sex club at the time he was allegedly there, a source said yesterday. The police source added: “The police strongly believe they have enough evidence to prove his phone was traced to a location in Manchester at the time in question.” Former SSP leader Sheridan, 43, his wife Gail, 44, and her dad are among seven people who have been charged with perjury over his defamation win against the News of the World in August 2006. Sheridan has always denied he took part in an orgy at the sex club in Manchester. But the police source said: “It’s fair to say the mobile is expected to play a part in the case.” Cell site analysis allows investigators to establish which phone mast a mobile has locked on to. The phone can be pinpointed to within a radius of a few metres. “

What on earth can this mean?  After all there were phone records at the original defamation case, detailing the times of various calls from the interested parties.  But, to have traced where the call came from?  

Mmm.  So, how does the Tomster answer that one?  Back to Mr Smith at the Sunday Mail

“Solidarity leader Sheridan, who represented himself during his fight at the Court of Session in Edinburgh, declined to comment on the claims.”

Funny that.

Oh, but what’s this?  He, sorry a source close to the family, has some other statement to make,

“A friend of Sheridan said: “It’s all part of the witch-hunt. Police are desperate to discredit Tommy at every turn.””

What can this mean?  

For those supporting the Tomster, they’d better hope he has a good explanation for this – if true.

IN the meantime, Tommy – and the other members of the Sheridan Seven – deny everything.

And, as is traditional, let me report that enquiries continue.

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4 Responses to The Sheridans – an everyday story of socialist folk Episode 994

  1. Anonymous says:

    The Sheridans – an everyday story of socialist folk Episode 994
    The witch-hunt idea seems to be gathering pace. A few minatures? for goodness sake! However we have a friend who is a BA stewardess and she has mentioned a few times that it is an absolute no-no to take ANYTHING from work, however small, and it is widely accepted that it is a sackable offence to do so.

  2. Can you do retrospective ‘cell-site analysis’? Does this mean ‘he was somewhere in Manchester using cell nnnnnn’ (and if so, how big is cell ‘nnnnnn’) or does it mean triangulation between multiple cells to say something more exact?

    • pmcray says:

      I suspect this is likely to be a case of using Cell ID, although it is possible that other network parameters are stored. City centre cells are often quite small, sometimes very small. It’s quite possible there is a cell in the building that contains the club or even the club itself. I suspect that these records were not brought up at the original *civil* trial because they are not in the public domain unlike phone bills the various parties might choose (or be forced) to reveal.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Galloway takes a hilarious stand.
    “The Procurator Fiscal would be well advised to ponder his chances of finding a jury willing to send the fragrant Mrs Sheridan to prison leaving her little girl an orphan.
    And if he tries and fails he will be open to the charge that this whole thing is a repugnant witch-hunt, Scotland’s own Dreyfus Affair.
    Tommy Sheridan is a friend of mine and I would defend him even if I thought he was guilty, which I don’t.

    George Galloway

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