The sad demise of Radio 5 live

From the late Vincent Hanna in the evening with Peter Allen and JAne Garvey in the morning

via Fi Glover and Adrian Chiles and Julian Worricker

through Nicky Campbell getting the breakfast show

to Victoria Derbyshire getting the phone-in and pretending to be more blokey than blokes

to Eamonn Holmes taking over the Saturday morning show and removing any news content and making it celebrity filled crap with occasional forays into gambling or Manchester UNited

to Stephen “so what do you think about pole dancing for toddlers?” Nolan

to Richard “Alan Partridge” BAcon late night

to Gabby Logan destroying the news show on a Sunday morning with tales from the bootroom, what sounds like a studio “posse”.

All that stands between FIve Live and my permanent disabling of the channel for news on my radios is Drive, the occasional glimpse of Phil Williams, and John Pienaar at the weekend.

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I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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11 Responses to The sad demise of Radio 5 live

  1. It is Victoria ‘speke you’re branes’ Derbyshire that for me singlehandedly undermines any remaining justification for the BBC and the licence fee in its current form.
    has suggested the name ‘The Execution Channel’ (after the crap SF novel by Ken MacLeod) for it, which definitely works for me.

    • I associate the demise with the departure of Julian Worricker from Breakfast, and the shameful treatment of Fi Glover months later (who thought it a good idea to have Victoria Derbyshire handing over to her given the history between the two).
      Derbyshire is dire: ill-informed, pandering to the LCD of the audience, and with this blokey nature that eld to her hosting something on C4. However, for me she was not the nadir: Holmes, Nolan, Bacon, and now Logan have replaced some of the most listenable slots on the channel with celeb and tabloid obsessed pap. Poor John Pienaar and Peter Allen must look around them wondering what the hell happened. I heard Allen had been in for Today, but lost out to Evan Davis. If he’d gone, I’d have permanently switched too (Aside for the sport commentary).

      • That should ahve read aside from in the last line. Replied too quick 😉

      • Yes, I certainly have stopped listening on Sunday morning because of Logan, but Derbyshire is, I think, the most actively evil and the fact that the BBC has her egging people on to new heights of xenophobia, intolerance and stupidity is a national disgrace.
        Also, 6 Music has turned crap with lots of irritating blokey presenters.
        If I hadn’t bought it 3 years(ish) ago I wouldn’t have bothered buying my 400 quid car DAB radio, since this was mainly to listen to 6 and the WS and 5 in decent quality and all 3 have gone dramatically down hill over that period.

  2. bellebouche says:

    A critical omission
    Radio five (the misnomer ‘5live’ can kiss my narrow butt) has a saving grace.
    The ‘up all night’ slot invariably covered by Rhod Sharp or Dotun Adebayo is the saving grace.
    A literal touch of insomnia is required but well worth the effort. Broadest scope and touch of any single strand of radio broadcast that is out there.
    The ‘Science phone-in’ with ‘Dr Karl’ is a weekly highlight. A must have podcast from this station.

  3. After the rebrand from Radio 5 to 5 Live the only things I liked on it were Fi Glover (a radio geek par excellence) and the odd bit of Up All Night. The New York cabbie in particular.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Radio Chav Live
    Choose Radio Chav Live; choose truck racing; choose the ‘One Show’; choose Paris Hilton as your role model; choose tits over brains; choose an attack dog; choose Radio Chav Live; choose a No1 haircut; choose to live like Lee, Darren or Wayne; choose xenophobia; choose football as the continuation of war by other means; choose not to think; choose to advance the careers of third rate nonentities on radio; choose Engerlund; choose to open conversations with “wot the fuck yooo lookin’ at?”; choose to bully when you can, and whine when someone fights back; choose Radio Chav Live; choose to substitute hate for thought; Choose Radio Chav Live.

  5. Anonymous says:

    radio 5
    when it started it was great then the bbc dedided presenters had to be personalities – if they didnt have one we will make you one by developing inane banter between co-presenters. and heres a good idea we will make every programme a phone in so the sad and opinionated can be on radio. we can employ dotun adabayo so everyone switches off between 1.00am and 5.00am thursday to sunday ( surely this man is the most ignorant interviewer ever) if something is half decent like mark kermodes film review we will make it into a parody where the reviews are less impotant than the ‘hilarious’ interplay between the presenters. we will employ stephen nolan and richard bacon so we can never be accused of being informative or highbrow and tell everyone how you can listen to 5 live every 30 seconds.

  6. derbyshire12 says:

    It is such a shame that good things like the presenters on Radio 5 had to end. Some times having chances like new presenters and taking things out of the show can improve things but in this case, no.
    Derbyshire Blocked Drain

  7. Anonymous says:

    demise radio 5
    I used to really like R5- reading these comments make me reluctant to return to it.Riochard Bacon and Gabby Logan almost seem to demonstrate the terminal decline of a nation’s culture!

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