Gail bottles under pressure

And so the latest in the Latin American style soap opera surrounding Solidartomsc and its leadership.

The Tommy Sheridan story so far:

From tabloid newspaper HQ a story is printed alleging that everyone’s favourite working class hero Tommy “the Tomster” Sheridan has been involved in matters that would lead journos on paper to make their excuses and leave.  The Tomster – a hairy man with attitude – raises a defamation action against the advice of his fellow political executive committee members – the turning point being a spectacular sacking of his legal team and the crucial evidence of his wife, the fragrant Gail.  He wins (7 – 4, one retired hurt) and comes out of the court room ranting about Gretna beating Real Madrid and praising the working class members of the jury (“only seven?”  Could be a crucial number that one).  Tommy takes his ball and leaves his party – setting up a new party which draws on his own considerable personality.   But the Tomster has yet to receive any cash, because his sworn enemy multi-billionaire media mogul, Rupert Murdoch, has ensured that the tabloid appeals.  

The new party (and his old party) screw up at the election.  Political obscurity beckons.  Meanwhile the Tomster starts work as a radio host.

Meanwhile, while all of this is going on the trial judge in the case asks for the involvement of the police to investigate possible perjury by parties unknown.  The appeal is put on hold.  The police investigate.
Then, the polis arrive at the radio station, pick up the Tomster and send officers to search his house.  What can possibly happen next?

Well, to the surprise of few (apart from seasoned observers such as Iain MacWhirter, Alistair Bonnington, and a lead writer on Solidartomsc’s in-house journal, the Daily Telegraph) the Tomster is arrested and charged.  His wife: arrested and charged.  His father in law: arrested and charged.  Four of his erstwhile SSP colleagues (now in important offices in Solidartomsc) arrested and charged.  Meanwhile Gretna face financial oblivion and a return to obscurity.

Aside from the prospectve release of further press statements from Jim Monaghan comparing the police actions to CSI, the Sweeney, and suggesting that they spent their time taking children hostage (shades of Lindbergh with that one?), could things get any worse for the Tomster? Well, could they? Surely, nothing else could befall the Sheridan family?


The fragrant Gail is an air hostess with BA – the airline, as opposed to the lead character in TV’s popular TV drama The A Team, who famously “ain’t going in no plane you damn fool”).  Or, at least Gail was an air hostess with BA – for this evening the BBC report that Gail has been suspended from her duties.

Now why would that be?  BA worried about the bad publicity?  Well, allow the Beeb report to enlighten

“Gail Sheridan was suspended by British Airways over the alleged theft of miniature bottles of alcohol. “

Thats right.  Gail – who we recall from Tommy’s statement the other day – is “a 44-year-old mother of one who has never been in trouble in her life” seems to have found herself in trouble a couple of times within a week.

The bottles were apparently discovered during the search of the home in December.  Expect more in the tabloids tomorrow.

INquiries – as they say – continue.

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1 Response to Gail bottles under pressure

  1. shaz_rte says:

    I am currently mopping mint tea off the laptop screen at the thought of the Torygraph being Solidartomsc’s in-house journal. Mind you, it has a track record for carrying every salient (and some not quite so) detail of smutty court cases.
    When do they start filming the soap opera? Never mind River City . . . this one will be a ratings winner ;o)

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