Gorgeous George (much loved by the Bedouin) urges readers to send second-hand pants to Jeremy Paxman

Man ends up on DNA database for life and with record for being picked up on suspicion of involvement in firearms offence, because someone didn’t like the look of his handling of an MP3 player

Where do Scottish ministers go in their ministerial cars (an FoI release) – and what was John Swinney doing on 26th August 2007?


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4 Responses to Miscellany

  1. fatkraken says:

    a) Hired a Romanian couple as housekeepers in his mansion – off the internet to avoid agents fees.
    Gosh, those poor poor agents. Shame on you Mr Paxman, for wanting to cut out the middleman
    b) Paid them £5 per hour and made the excuse that “live-in” staff aren’t entitled to the legal minimum wage.
    Good to know that extra 52p an hour would be able to rent them space in a Mansion. £15 a week rent? SCANDAL! With free rent and utilities and no commute a hell of a lot of people would be HAPPY with £5/hour
    c) Given them a Christmas stocking consisting of a 50p pair of slippers.
    because all employers are required to give their staff expensive presents? sure he’s a cheap arse, but it’s nothing to get upset over
    d) Made the poor woman endlessly wash the same pair of grey holey underpants because he was too mean to buy a new pair that might have supported him better ?
    washing old pants is more demeaning than washing new pants? He’s not refusing to buy new pants for HER, where does “meanness” come into things? Maybe the man likes his old pants

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m reading your terrific postings on this topic avidly. As you know, for a variety of reasons, I’ve not been commenting on the fascinating developments on my own blog.
    In relation to the police enquiries I regret to say that I wholly disagree with the learned and respected Ian Hamilton. It is perfectly apparent, as you have pointed out repeatedly, that the motivation behind what is currently happening, is/are the remarks made by Lord Turnbull. When a Court of Session judge calls for enquiries to be made, then enquiries will be made. These enquiries are not being carried out solely at the behest of the News of the World.
    In any event, it would be a peculiar system of justice whereby I could sue you in the civil court, tell a pack of lies in the witness box, win damages from you on the basis of these lies, and then be eternally ‘vindicated by a jury of my peers’ and immune from investigation, even when evidence emerges that I told a pack of lies. (Think Jeffrey Archer, Jonathan Aitken etc)
    That one side or the other in the defamation case told the most enormous whoppers cannot be in doubt. In a routine case (particularly criminal cases) the jury’s verdict would signal which side they believed.
    My own opinion is that in Sheridan v NoW the jury simply found for Tommy because the alternative was impossible for them to contemplate. In other words, I do not rule out the real possibility that they thought Tommy told a pack of lies, but nevertheless they found for him. An accidental by-product was to tar Tommy’s erstwhile comrades as liars, perjurers and conspirators.
    Having said all that, I do think it would be a quite unwelcome development if any future criminal trials for perjury are simply a re-run of the civil trial for defamation. It would not be right for a second jury to be invited to rule on exactly the same evidence.
    One trusts that if there are to be prosecutions then there is actual additional evidence which wasn’t either available or heard in the civil trial.

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