How government messages work

An aboslutely fascinating FoI publication today from the Scottish government with all of the background correspondence relating to the First MInister’s Christmas and New Year messages.

Was there a hint of a BBC snub over the Christmas message (see Karen McNally’s e-mail to Kevin Pringle on the 28th December where it is noted that STV used the Christmas message).

Thrill to the suggestion from Paul Geoghan as to how Christmas messages should look backwards and New Year messages look forward (and watch how wee Eck ignores that by delivering a New Year message looking back at 2007 highlighting Scottish success in Indy Cars and the X Factor.

Note that wee Eck’s St Andrew’s Day message was watched 1,500 times worldwide in its first week of release via youtube, the government website, and iTunes.  How many watched it more than once is not revealed.

And who is the mysterious international journalist that wanted to interview wee Eck on the 27th December – when he was otherwise engaged at a lighthouse?

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