Conspiracy (to pervert the course of justice) theories

A quick TOmmy Sheridan update as there have been developments.  Things had been quiet since Tommy’s arrest in December but this week INspector McKnacker moved things on.  The Daily Record reported that the fragrant Gail Sheridan (whose look of joy on exiting the Court of Session was one of the images of the original trial) has been asked to attend the police for questioning.  Four others have been asked but no names are in the public domain as yet (are they by any chance related?  or merely those who showed solidarity with the Tomster?)

There are two possible issues of criminal liability here: first, this could be a prelude to further perjury arrests; or second, given the line of evidence in the first case if it is shown from phone records, interviews with the staff of the night clubs in question, and other information that lines of evidence were fabricated systematically there is the possibility of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice charges.  However, this is speculation at this stage as Tommy and his supporters deny any wrongdoing.

Conspriacy to pervert the course of justice has been on the radar for those following the case since – at least – the  allegations during the early stages of the police investigation that some witnesses had been approached to review their decision to give evidence (although these allegations were not tied to any specific individuals in the press).

In other Sheridan related news the Scottish Round -up by WIll (author of J Arthur MacNumpty  the best blog on Scottish politics) points to a post on the squirrelcommunism blog.  This reprints a letter to the Morning Star published on Friday from a David Stevenson which offers a considered critique of the break-down in relations between the SSP and Solidartomsc, soon to be renamed the Popular Front for the Liberation of Tommy.

Police investigations continue.

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