The alpha males in the alphabet soup

It has been all quiet on the Tommy Sheridan front in the past week or so on-line.  There has been little in the blogosphere aside from the break-up of Respect prompting passing reference to Tommy.  Love and Liberty (no relation) draws the parallel between Galloway’s departure from Respect and Tommy’s split from the SSP as follows,

“So, a charismatic Glasgow socialist egomaniac with a propensity for lawsuits who founded his own party and screams that everyone else is a splitter has, er, split from his own party, claiming that he hasn’t left it, but they’ve left him. “

Aside from that there is a quick mention of the personality cult surrounding Tommy on Squirrel Red.

But, just when the members of Solidarity thought their concerns with the personal behaviour of some seeking office  was over the News of the Screws has published revelations about the conduct of Alan Boyce during a visit to Prague last year.  Boyce was a Soilidarity council candidate in the last election and signatory of the Defend Tommy Sheridan site.  The story contains the old tabloid favourite

“Our team made their excuses and left”, 

before leaving a beat and adding “unlike Boyce”.

But Boyce seems small fry for the Screws to examine: a man who didn’t make 100 votes in the council election and at best a bit part player in Solidarity.  So one is left to ponder what lies behind this story?

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I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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