The Alexander sweepstakes

So, after P Hain has been TAngo’d ( (c) everyone) next to go will be Wendy Alexander – who claims that she did not knowingly realise that a letter and cheque from Jersey without a company number on it or other information like a company name or required information under the Business Names Act came from an individual in Jersey and not a Scottish company. 

So, when will Wendy Alexander resign?

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3 Responses to The Alexander sweepstakes

  1. Excoriation in the heavy weekend papers, rant in the Mail and the Express, quiet departure on Monday.

    • I’ve gone for Tuesday because they’ve still not confirmed when the Electoral Commission will report (although it is said to be next week).
      AFter the hammering she took from the Herald and Sunday Herald (they identified a peculiar list of donors on a pC in a file in her husband’s name) I’m surprised she’s still there. It’s only because Gordon is petrified he’ll get someone that’s not in thrall to him that she’s still there (and because while there she keeps the pressure of Harriet whose resignation we should expect in a couple of weeks?).

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well, I think…
    …about one day after the Electoral Commission makes its report. Rough guess, Wednesday.
    You can keep track here!

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