Tombliboo litigation update

The legal world was shocked today when a Tombliboo sued Ragdoll, manufacturers of the wonderful “in the night garden…”  The Tombliboo (it is not clear if it is Unn, Ooo, or Eee) has claimed that he was bullied and abused by the production team behind the fly on the wall meta-textual documentary.

For the uninitiated “In the night garden…” involves a trip through the subconscious of Iggle Piggle as he floats over the sea in a boat (although this itself could be a story within a story told to a small child featuring in the open credits).  Iggle Piggle’s subconscious is populated with Upsy Daisy – McCartney to Iggle Piggle’s Lennon: Makka Pakka (the quiet one); the Tombliboos (who live in a giant topiary constructed delight resembling a bee hive); and theWottingers and  Pontipineswho are friends of mine although they’re only small.  The Haahoos are enormous creatures that look and sound like self-satisfied pillows.  Iggle Piggle’s subconsicous has good public transport links with a Ninky Nonk and Pinky POnk catering for all travel needs.

Pip pip onk onk.

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I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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5 Responses to Tombliboo litigation update

  1. nmg says:

    I was disappointed to find that the BBC is spending our license fee on the so-called children’s programme The Night Garden. This programme clearly shows the left-wing bias of the BBC, and is a thinly-veiled attempt to subvert our children; we regularly see the red-clothed New Labour Pontipines, but their neighbours, the blue-jacketed Wottingers, have thus far appeared in only one episode (I exclude their uncredited appearances in the dance finales).
    Finally, it is clear that the character known as ‘Macker Packer’ is suffering from an obsessive-compulsive disorder, yet receives no specialist care from a mental health professional. Presumably, our children are supposed to learn that this is an acceptable state of affairs, in order to get them used to the mismanaged NHS under New Labour.
    Disgusted of Southampton

    • See for one Labour MP take on it. One commenter took a different political view:
      “In the Night Garden is dangerous material indeed – but not for the reasons your correspondent suggests. It’s a bourgeoisie plot to reinforce unnacceptable class stereotypes in impressionable viewers. Poor, put-upon Makka Pakka lives in a quarry (tell me he’s not Nelson Mandela reborn); the Pontepines cramped living conditions are straight out of Mary Barton; UpsyDaisy forced to sleep rough every evening, and IgglePiggle stripped of his blanket (read, his dignity) each episode. And all of them blissfully happy with their lot and unaware of the class struggle … and meanwhile that cursed snooty Pinky Ponk sails above the proletarian morasse honking its Tory disdain. ”
      You will have noted that – as the production team recognise – the Wottingers are only shown waving to the Pontipines, thus indicating a friendliness not always apparent in the Pontipines behaviour (note their virulent attack on the Tombliboos’ houses during the controversy over the Tombliboos music making). THe polite sociable Wottingers can thus be contrasted with their rabble rousing neighbours.
      Makka Pakka’s OCD, and its generous treatment by his fellow citizens is of course testament to the care in the community projects introduced under the Conservatives.
      The right wing bias is thus plain for all to see – but extends even to the central figure Iggle Piggle who is blue and callously throws away his red blanket at various points.

      • nmg says:

        On the other hand, it could all be a political allegory of the Russian revolution and the subsequent events through the 1920s and 1930s, of course.
        Upsy Daisy represents the embodiment of the nation (Mother Russia), while Iggle Piggle represents the Red Army (the blanket is a clear pointer). The Tombliboos are the bourgeoisie (obsessed with ‘high’ culture – the Tombliboo music – and living in an ostentatiously large house). The Pontipines are clearly the humble proletariat, and the Wottingers represent the Left Opposition of Trotsky (it’s no coincidence that they occupy the left-hand house, and have been expelled from the Garden in an echo of the Great Purge of 1928). Finally, the Ha-Hoos are the European powers – distant, looming figures that overshadow the events of the garden.
        I’m not sure what Makka Pakka corresponds to, since I don’t recall any notable obsessive-compulsives armed with sponges in any histories that I’ve read.

  2. nmg says:

    ps: if the photo in the BBC article is correct, the relevant Tombliboo would be Oo.

    • I had the impression it was merely a Tombliboo from the photo library rather than identifying the real figure. Ragdoll’s website is not forthcoming on the identity question but does have lots of stuff about Pob

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