Radio news – Throat surgery for Partridge.

As anyone who has heard 2 minutes of any of his recent broadcasts will know resident Radio 5 Live Alan Partridge-a-like Richard “disgraced Blue Peter presenter” Bacon (sample comment, during a “debate”(1) on global warming – “I’ll be dead in a hundred years, why should I care.” Pause.  “Of course I really do care.” Voice drops to new level of Partridge-ness.  “It would be irresponsible not to.”) is to have throat surgery to remove a polyp.

The Beeb report,

“I’ll be off work for four weeks and for the first two weeks I won’t be able to speak – not a word”

so every cloud…

(1) I say debate more ill-informed buffoons phone in and rant for a few minutes while Bacon says, “what a good call” on a semi-regular basis – all to enhance interactivity because actually listening to people who know what they’re talking about is a waste of time, as experts don’t appeal to the gut in the way that a man from Dagenham(2) does.

(2) This is not to necessarily say of course that people from Dagenham are stupid and incapable of being experts.  

ETA I direct any questions on split infinitives to Fowler.

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7 Responses to Radio news – Throat surgery for Partridge.

  1. realthog says:

    My American (but online Beeb-listening) wife looked at this and said: “Who’s Alan Partridge?”
    I tried to explain, tried some impersonations (even I could tell they were bad, since I’ve not had the benefit of direct AP input since early 1999), tried everything I could think of but realized I wasn’t getting the message through even to myself. Could you help out here, please?

    • This might help:
      If I was decsribing his career. Beginning as a sports presenter Partridge graduated to his own radio chat show before hosting a successful television version with a fountain. After an unfortunate incident with the commissioning director of BBC2 Partridge lost his TV contract and now works in local radio.
      His style was that of a man destined to be politically incorrect but sufficiently aware of matters that he tried to stop himself from being so (usually after the misdeed had been committed). A cross between Alan Titchmarsh, Nick Owen (TV-am not the news presenter), and Jim Rosenthal (although I suspect none of those references will help for an American listener either 😉 )

      • realthog says:

        This is not helping. I may may have to mount an in-depth exploration of the Beeb’s “Listen Again” feature.
        I’ve tried pointing Pam at Steve Coogan, who’s in a fave Guilty Pleasure movie of ours, but that doesn’t seem to hit the nail on the thumb . . .

    • PS
      Oh, and his favourite Bond is Roger Moore which says it all really 😉

      • Re: PS
        …and one of his favourite bands are ‘wings’ – the band the beatles could have been. For me, ’nuff said!
        Also, if looking for a more recent “dumbed-down” partridge, try saxondale, of which many clips are on youtube. I found saxondale funny, very similar to partridge.

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