Alan Moore

 Alan Moore has – as Peter Pan has gone out of copyright in the EU – finally published his and Melinda Gebbie’s The Lost Girls in the UK.  It was favourably reviewed by Michel Faber in The Guardian on Saturday.  Yesterday Scotland on Sunday published an article on the issue with calls for the book to be removed from the shelves.

Any thoughts? 

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3 Responses to Alan Moore

  1. fatkraken says:

    You can’t stay “innocent” forever; sex is a part of growing up, and you have to allow your children to grow up. Peter pan as a literary property has grown up, escaped the control of his “parents” (copyright holders) and now belongs to everyone. Copyright expiry and the concept of free speech exist for a reason, and shouldn’t be challenged because prudish people are against the idea of kids growing up and fucking.
    as for Moore? He must be loving this. He’s certainly NOT a man who’s all about the money, or he wouldn’t refuse royalties on half a dozen big hollywood films. But I get the feeling he just loves a bit of controversy. The backlash this thing is receiving is probably as much a part of the work as a whole as the actual printed pages, in the statement it makes and attitudes it reveals and challenges.
    Artistic value? that’s up to the reader. I certainly think that as a backlash against the fetishising of childhood innosence the book may be making some valid points. But Moore himself has said this is PORN, and unshamedly so. Sex is not something to feel bad about, and there’s no reason porn can’t be sexy AND interesting.

  2. andrewducker says:

    Read it (a couple of months back – ordered it from the US, along with LOEG: Black Dossier, which also isn’t available here for copyright reasons).
    It’s definitely porn.
    And it’s definitely literature.
    It takes Moore’s typical approach to taking things apart and putting them back together in thought provoking ways, is gorgeously illustrated, and didn’t quite work for me. Possibly because the parts of my brain that deal with sex and the parts that deal with interesting ideas aren’t the same.
    It will work for some people better though.

  3. pickwick says:

    Yay, I’d been waiting for this, though I’d forgotten when the copyright ran out. The commenters on that article are quite scary.
    I can’t see any reason to ban it – make sure it’s not available to children, yes, but otherwise, I can’t see a problem.

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