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Watch out, Beadle’s not about

From next Monday’s news The funeral of TV presenter Jeremy Beadle who died  last week was disrupted by a series of unfortunate events.  The hearse driving Beadle’s coffin to the church was stopped at a set of roadworks and received … Continue reading

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National stereotypes and the health of the nation

Apparently, even the bears that fought for us in the Second World War lived up to national stereotypes: “[Voytek the bear] was fond of a cigarette and a bottle of beer – a taste which apparently remained with him throughout … Continue reading

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Living man upset at sight of his gravestone

The headline is self-explanatory, the story is here. I know if someone’s diagnosed as terminally ill you might want to plan in advance but buying the gravestone and erecting it while they’re still alive is probably going a bit far.

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If you liked Limmy on the David Robertson pen trick, here’s another from his youtube stuff

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Anna Pickard’s latest blog on the Guardian site prompted me to type “Kate Silverton high definition horror face” into Google, and if you follow that link I’ll bet you’re glad to be enlightened about the strange world of news presenters … Continue reading

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Nae pen… Pen!

How little news does the Scottish media have, that our lead newscaster on Reporting Scotland can indulge in the following (witnessed in a wonderful youtube contribution which contains language which is NSFW)? (hat-tip today’s Metro)

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Tales from suburbia – G for Gnome

Are any of you aware of some secret gnome code that would explain the nods and winks a friend has been getting after putting a gnome in her front garden?  ANy enlightenment gratefully received.

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Doing expenses the Con Way

First, be a member of a party that [froze] student maintenance grants [to the point of uselessness] and then years later have a child at University.Second, employ child as researcher.Third, pay over the odds for his services.Fourth, don’t require him to … Continue reading

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The alpha males in the alphabet soup

It has been all quiet on the Tommy Sheridan front in the past week or so on-line.  There has been little in the blogosphere aside from the break-up of Respect prompting passing reference to Tommy.  Love and Liberty (no relation) … Continue reading

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The Alexander sweepstakes

So, after P Hain has been TAngo’d ( (c) everyone) next to go will be Wendy Alexander – who claims that she did not knowingly realise that a letter and cheque from Jersey without a company number on it or other … Continue reading

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Terrorism news

Police detain man in grimsby under Terrorism Act. Did they think there was something fishy? Pauses only to get coat.  Exit pursued by bear.

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Caption competition


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UK general election map

The Torygraph has a new general election map and swingometer (Iain Dale pointed it out earlier today).  I am not a psephologist but suspect it might not be working properly. For example, according to this a swing from Labour to … Continue reading

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Weeks you didn’t know you weren’t celebrating

Yes, folks, it’s Farmhouse Breakfast week and we’ve already missed half of it.  You can try the Farmhouse breakfast quiz, nominate your favourite breakfast; tell people about your breakfast club; and find out how to get involved in the national celebrations. … Continue reading

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How to conduct interviews – an occasional series

Simon Hattenstone has a nice little article in The Guardian today on football managers “losing it” (written following Sir Alex’s latest outburst). One of the tales he recounts is that of Jim McLean in an interview with John Barnes (no, … Continue reading

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Let them eat (oat)cakes

Let no-one say that wee Eck is profligate with Scottish resources.  When entertaining guests, he even gets his wife to provide the oatcakes – see p 8 point 3 of this pdf document released on the dinner marking the opening of the … Continue reading

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I said no, no, no

So, why are the tabloids upset about Amy Winehouse smoking a pipe and enjoying the craic?   Surely that’s the raison d’etre of irish theme pubs. 

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Peculiar spammage

Can anyone explain why it is only my posts about darts that have attracted spam relating to various adult sites, and potions? Are the two by any chance related?  Is it the Phil Taylor icon that attracts it? 

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The Gene Genie

You’ve probably seen this already but the Ashes to Ashes preview trailer is on youtube here.

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Comment is free – depending on your perspective

My regular reader may be wondering what happened with my query to the Guardian Comment is Free pages to find out why they had blocked my comment about Tommy Sheridan to the Iain MacWhirter article which had spawned an appreciable … Continue reading

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