Tommy Sheridan and the alphabet soup of Scottish left wing politcs – an update

After the very kind comments on the Scottish Round up on the regular posts on the topic of Tommy Sheridan (although I think “almost obsessive” is a little generous of spirit – my regular reader would dispute the qualifier) a quick Sheridan update.  Further thanks to those who have e-mailed with links to relevant material.

I have no idea what impression I’ve given via the regular Tommy Sheridan posts to the anonymous e-mailer who  enquired whether I’d enjoy a topless picture of Tommy Sheridan – but if you’re on the look-out for such a snap try the Daily Record front page reprinted here (sadly I don’t have google analytics so have no idea how the previous sentence will impact on searches, oh, and does Donald Findlay know about Tommy’s Daily Record photoshoots).

As has been reported elsewhere last week Sheridan’s party, Solidartomsc, managed to lose its one elected representative as she defected to the Scottish Labour Party following weeks of negotiations with the Labour leader of Glasgow Council.  The news was greeted with typical aplomb by Solidarity.

“Solidarity, as a party, is filled with talented individuals and respected campaigners.  It is therefore no surprise that the big parties would want to tempt our members with chances to advance their career.”

More important for Sheridan’s political future is that the news followed a Socialist Workers Party internal bulletin from earlier in December 2007 (Accessible here) which indicated SWP dissatisfaction with the former Scottish Socialist PArty leadership (identifying it as sectarian and obsessed with electoral and parliamentary issues), and hinted that the divisions in the SSP were there long before the final split – having their origins in internal conflicts between those members of Militant that had formed the SSP.  The minute identifies Solidarity as a non-sectarian organisation (how the SWP must delight in the reported talks between the Tomster and Donald Findlay), suggested that if there was hope it lay in the Tomster, and indicated disquiet with the Tomster’s association with the more conservative elements of militant (nope, I’m not sure what conservative militant is either).

I suggested when Solidartomsc was set up that the SWP involvement caused difficulties given Sheridan and his supporters long-standing support for independence.  The potential for the SWP to leave Solidarity was from the beginning enormous.  NOw, it has gone public with an article in The Herald yesterday, which has generated the usual comments found in Sheridan related articles (brought to my attention yesterday by Alastair).

Some time ago I wrote of the alphabet soup of Scottish socialist politics.  After the brief hiatus of the SSP it is apparent that normal service has been resumed.  And the SWP briefing suggests that while Sheridan may have personal popular support (witness those rallying to his cause in the facebook group (which has now got more members than my appreciation society, although lags behind the membership of some of my colleagues) and the defend Tommy Sheridan site, which has attacted support from Gorgeous George, Bob Crow, and some that suffered severe miscarriages of justice) whatever happens with the perjury charges or appeal in the defamation case, to what extent will there be a party to support him if he emerges from his difficulties hairy but unscathed?

In other Sheridan news, one youtube video I missed has the Tomster playing the Blair card (quick mention of his child to gain sympathy during a press conference) and his assertion that the Lothian and Borders investigation comes from a political witch hunt inspired by the Murdoch press.

For afficionados of this livejournal the video also contains Aamer Anwar on the left of the screen.

Blogging is likely to be light over the next few days (pending other developments) so to my regular reader festive felicitations.

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