Comrade Donald

 Fans love cross-over stuff, or the idea of cross-over stuff:  Daleks and Cybermen; the Macra and cat-people; Abbot and Costello and Frankenstein; Holby City and Casualty; that American law programme that was all serious and that other American law programme with the woman in it that had mad visions – you know the sort of thing. 

Well, for legal observers in Scotland we have the prospect of our own cross-over match-up.  In one corner, Tommy Sheridan, the Govan bigfoot, a hairy man with a problem.  Ths socialist independence supporting firebrand who has broken up as many parties as Dr Owen is in trouble.  Some time ago, he raised a court action suing a Rupert Murdoch owned newspaper for making various allegations about his lifestyle (of a sort of four legs good, six legs better, eight legs fantastic type nature).  The Tomster won, but since then has been subjected to a perjury investigation, and last weekend was arrested.

In the other corner, Donald Findlay QC, a man criticised by the World Socialist Website as a protestant bigot following an unfortunate recording of his singing sectarian songs was leaked to the Daily Record, a Conservative party activist who campaigned against a Scottish parliament, and former vice-chairman of Rangers FC.  It just so happens that Findlay is one of Scotland’s finest defence laywers.  

What could the socialist nationalist and the Conservative unionist have in common?  Aside from a certain hirsute quality (Findlay has one of the finest moustaches and sideburn combinations in legal history; Sheridan is famously so hairy that he was described by one newspaper as “Cheetah not a cheater”), both being stitched up by the tabloids, and having a certain drive for self-publicity, surely these opposites could never work together?

Surely they could never be seen in the same courtroom?

On the same side?


You mean, they can?

The Scotsman reports that Sheridan’s lawyer will be Donald Findlay.  

Fantastic.  The sooner the Crown Office or PF department make a decision on prosecution and this gets going so that video-blogging can begin, the better. 

ETA Oh, and the Tomster has a facebook group to defend him against the Murdoch witch-hunt accessible here.  Not seen a Donald Findlay facebook group yet, but it must only be a matter of time.

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I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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5 Responses to Comrade Donald

  1. burkesworks says:

    The world isn’t ready for Tommy crossover slash just yet, even if it involves Orangemen and Trolles.

    • Very very funny – I will keep that headline for the trial: “The Orangeman, the orange man, and the Trolle”
      On slash fiction perhaps a community should be established in preparation.

  2. surliminal says:

    It is fabo-faantastic.
    I ask again: who HAS the movie rights? (Tomster is usually made to be played by Harvey Keitel, the most hirsute man in Hollywood..)
    Would vid blogging be legal??

    • Outside the court room only for video blog.
      Ah, it’s brightened my December up. I was missing this more than I can express. I suspect recent activities demonstrate the extent šŸ˜‰

  3. hoiho says:

    Aw, I’m dissapointed that he’s not defending himself this time. Althiough it is a formidable odd couple. It could only be bettered by TommyBhoy getting old Joe Beltrami as his solictor, thereby making it the perfect Glasgow legal team.

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