Tommy Sheridan – opponents see conspiracies too

I have heard of Biased BBC before, but have stayed in Kansas and never ventured into its strange Oz-like world where every utterance by Huw Edwards or Martha Kearney, every word typed on the BBC website, evidences inherent bias against Conservatives and/or conservatism.  (I would have said pro-liberal but there are a series of quotes in the sidebar that suggest that the BBC is biased in favour of cultural liberalism, but given that Aardman’s own David Cameron is repositioning his party as a culturally and socially liberal, and unlike the US liberalism is not yet a badge of abuse here. pro-liberal is not necessarily what they seem to be getting at).  

Anyway, Biased BBC has found bias in the coverage of the Tommy Sheridan perjury arrest.  That’s right bias in the report that Sheridan had been detained, then bias in the report that he had been arrested, then bias in reporting his statement on coming out of Gayfield police station (carried live on News 24 and including support for the right to strike for police officers, a sentiment one might expect from a left-wing politician, but, as far as I could tell, not supported by the BBC), and in the subsequent media coverage, no doubt including the Newsnight Scotland special report on Monday night – interviewing Alistair Bonnington, a solicitor advocate who is frantically attempting to defend his own position asserted last year that nothing further would happen in the case.  

The Biased BBC complaint is

“blink and you’ll miss it: Tommy Sheridan’s famous libel victory against the News of the World was trumpeted throughout the UK by the BBC in August 2006. News that Sheridan charged in perjury probe (rapidly replaced with Sheridan vows to prove innocence) has been reported with much less prominence, not even making the TV news in England, at least as far as I noticed. Probably because he’s not ‘a Tory’, eh, Beeboids… “

Ah, well.  I was obviously watching something else – but then I have a close interest in the case.  Anyway, although I am not a journalist I’ll suggest something as to the change in the website reports.

The first report was on a holding page that was being constantly updated during the day and reached a final form after the Tomster’s statement when accompanied by Aamer Anwar.  The second report followed an informal press statement issued by the Tomster outside his house (although if press reports during the defamation case are to be believed it is owned by the fragrant Gail, having been transferred into her name for some reason or other) that had been searched by police officers and featured amusing footage of Tommy scraping his car windows.  The word “news” implies that new things get reported.  

Anyway, it’s obviously pro-socialist (I’m not sure if in the categorisation of left wing politics the Tomster is a Trotskyite or Stalinist, but the Beeb obviously cover both) bias as the BBC establishment are clearly exhibiting their displeasure against the conspiracies from the legal establishment, Gordon Brown, the SNP, MI5, and the CIA.

Does anyone know if there’s a Biased BBC watch out there?

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5 Responses to Tommy Sheridan – opponents see conspiracies too

  1. shaz_rte says:

    There’s some bloke who’s set up a MySpace page devoted to keeping a beady eye on the Beeb. He seems to have spammed every journalism and media lecturer in the UK with the details of it. I glanced at it, bookmarked it for future reference and haven’t been back to check. I didn’t get the feeling he’d be leading the cheering for the Tomster, though ;o)

    • NOt the author of this rather bizarre post by any chance?
      Apparently there is a category of anti-Hazel Blears stories, which deserves further exploration.
      PS Hope the new Sheridan stuff hasn’t had too bad an impact on your book.

      • shaz_rte says:

        Don’t think that’s him. I’ll check the bookmark on the work machine when I get back after the hols. IIRC there was a group of them behind it, who were going to take it in turns to act as spokespeople.
        Touch wood, the book shouldn’t be affected by the new stuff, as I’ve analysed the features spreads from the original court case (Scotsman have just given the OK for an illo to be used from their coverage). Must be a bit of a bummer for the bloke who was writing the Tomster’s biography and had a publication date set — presumably that’s now being reconsidered ;o)

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