Tommy finds support

You know I bang on about benefit data, and donorgate, and [party political content], and civil liberties.  And in the past I’ve posted quite a bit about Tommy Sheridan.  HOwever, I post the following with no comment – other than  to note incredulity.

A blogger writes

“This won’t be the first time the Establishment have launched a vindictive campaign against someone who has opposed them and exposed their lies. “

Well, we all remember Peter Wright.

Anyway, it’s the next bit that really caught my eye,

“It also seems a bit too coincidental that Sheridan has been arrested now of all times. Just as the government are in deep $#!t over missing CDs, dodgy donations, the return of fuel protests, and a number of strikes and protests. Surely they wouldn’t be trying to recover support among Scottish workers by discrediting the left-wing opposition, could they ?!?”

Read that again.  Apparently, this is a Gordon Brwon inspired plot to disguise the trouble wiht benefit data, dodgy donations and fuel protests.

The answer to the writer’s question is, I suspect, “no”.  

Despite allegations of a Murdoch witch-hunt from the Tomster, perhaps the writer might reflect on the split between Sheridan and the SSP, where he compared his erstwhile colleagues to “Scabs” for giving evidence when called to do so by the court; to reflect that all bar one of the SSP then MSPs gave evidence against Sheridan; and to consider the complex history of the case. 

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