Bigfoot caught – a political party speaks

The arrest of Tommy Sheridan earlier this evening has prompted a press release from his erstwhile colleagues in the Scottish Socialist Party.  The press release states,

“The SSP notes the arrest today of former member Tommy Sheridan.
The Scottish Socialist Party is far more interested in campaigning to improve the lives of working people in Scotland, to end the hated council tax, promote public ownership of our public services, rid this country of nuclear weapons, end the war in Iraq, achieve independence for Scotland and support workers involved in industrial action to defend their jobs, pay and conditions.
Fighting for justice for working people remains our priority. For us, today that struggle continues.”

Interested readers though will scroll down the page to note that one of the struggles the SSP backs is the campaign in support of Aamer Anwar.  It stated, at the time of Lord Carloway’s report on the case,

“The Scottish Socialist Party unequivocally backs Aamer Anwar and his right to speak on behalf of those he represents.”

I assume the SSP’s unequivocal backing extends to Mr Anwar’s current clients.

(Oh, and for those that missed the Tomster’s statement where he played a Blair, with an excellent use of his young child in support of his position, and stated that this whole business is a Rupert Murdoch inspired witch-hunt – I note the British and American spooks have fallen out of favour in his current defence – then why not click here and follow the link)

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