Benefit data again (again)

Question:  So, what price for 2 discs containing 25 million records with bank account details, addresses, full names, national insurance numbers, and details of hundreds on the witness protection scheme?

Is it 
A.  Priceless
B.  Something near what the organised crime syndicates would seek for it?
C.  £20,000.

If you thought C, you’re correct.  My, my wife’s, and my children’s personal information, together with the personal information of 24,999,996 other people (give or take a few) is worth £20,000 – which while worth £10,000 a disc is worth 8/100 of a penny per person.  

Thanks Prudence.  Nice to know you care.

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I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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3 Responses to Benefit data again (again)

  1. nmg says:

    Are you sure that your data is on it? Our apology letter was only addressed to , presumably because she’s the one that receives the child benefit.
    (that said, I am setting aside salary for childcare vouchers, so I probably was on the disc for that reason)

    • As far as I am aware the data in relation to each child contains the relevant information for the recipient (including their maiden name where applicable), the names of children, and various details regarding the recipient’s partner (which are required in the original application for child benefit).

      • And I think it contains details of people who have recently (i.e. within the last couple of years) received child benefit. My sister turned 16 in march, but my mum still received her apology letter.

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