It was the worst of Times

My regular reader will realise that I am at the cutting edge of breaking news stories through my diligent reading on the RSS feeds of the BBC and newspapers.  I brought you news of Scotland’s slogan, only half a day after everyone else.  I broke the news that Wendy Alexander was being investigated over the £950 donation, a full week after the Sunday Herald.  I have also been tipped off that the relief of Mafeking is just around the corner.  But even I seem to be ahead of the Times.

Last week my regular reader will recall my exclusive poll to determine what Scotland’s slogan should be.  Yesterday – in a blatant rip off by a grossly inferior product – the exercise was repeated by The TImes on-line “Comment Central”.  

I have instructed my solicitor (ie me)  appropriately, and rest assured I will leave no cliche unturned in taking up my trusty sword of justice and shield of fair play in a bid for justice and due acknowledgement.

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I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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4 Responses to It was the worst of Times

  1. hoiho says:

    Wendy say: Hello world, hello sky!
    I thik it’s rather touching that Ms Alexander thinks she can wget away with clearly, and openly, breaking the law — becasue it wasn’t “intentional wrongdoing”. Always an interesting position for a legislator to take, I think. (And Brutus is an honourable man.)
    It’s strange how no politicos ever intend to fiddle taxi expenses, office sublets, campaign contributions, and so on, and how it can all be made all right by giving it back – but only when they’re caught. It must be really hard living in the modern world being as naive, honest, and well-meaningly stupid, as they clearly are.

    • Re: Wendy say: Hello world, hello sky!
      Worse still for Wenday when she’s meant to be one of the brightest in the Parliament. Of course she did not do it intentionally. Regarding the legislation (see my post on Sunday, Decline of the Scottish political scandal) it is an offence if done knowingly (which does not necessarily require intent). that Green paid a personal cheque from a personal address, personally acknowledged – potentially screws Wendy on the “knowingly” front. Additionally the Sunday Herald allegation about switching the donor is prima facie evasion – also a criminal offence. She’s a dead woman walking, and the longer se stays the worse for Labour (and those that are against independence).

  2. Mr L&G, I salute you on your quest for justice, and my I just say that I can feel the hand of history on this blog’s shoulder as you do so. Oh and be careful – too many (robin) cooks spoil the (tony blair) broth

  3. shaz_rte says:

    I can do you the rant any time on national papers being last with the news. Well, second to last if you count local TV — Midlands Today are still waiting for the tip-off about the relief of Mafeking. They found a Brummie angle on the Plague last week ;o)
    Local TV does the story eventually. Local paper editors twitch, as they think they’ve missed it. Cue chasing of tails and the whole damn saga starting again.
    I shall put myself forward as your media spokeswoman and ask for a ten per cent cut of your takings!

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