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Beyond satire

Now, I enjoy GMTV as much as the next person – as long as the next person hates GMTV with a passion as a form of television for those challenged by the intellectual rigour offered by the Jeremy Kyle show.  … Continue reading

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That bloke with the bike then – what’s that all about?

 I have thus far avoided posting anything about the man with the bike.  The story is reported in various places, some with pictures of the individual attempting to block the camera with an outstretched hand, as if he is about … Continue reading

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Quiz answers

 Given the plethora of interest in the quiz posted the other day here are the quotes with answers 1.  Who said of Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band  “I can only say that The Beatles having made their name in … Continue reading

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Quiz – just a bit of fun

1.  Who said of Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band  “I can only say that The Beatles having made their name in the narrow emotional and harmonic world of teenage pop, are now floating away on their own cloud.  I … Continue reading

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Sch… you know who

 The FT story mentioned here yesterday relating to codename: Blackbird (an anonymous bank being sold with a note that it has received financing from the Bank of England) has been hit by an injunction, the lawyers acting in the removal of … Continue reading

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Project Wing: For sale: one bank (code name: Blackbird)

So, want to buy a bank? The documentation discovered by the FT disguises the name of the bank with the codename Blackbird.  However, the passage “On 9 October 2007, Blackbird announced that it had agreed additional facilities, which enabled it … Continue reading

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Multi-purpose celebrity television conversational statements

This week the new series of [insert name of celebrity based reality show] started on [insert channel].  It was rubbish.  I mean, who are these people?  I’ve not heard of half of them.  [AB] is famous only for going out … Continue reading

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Olympic news

Biggest Olympic games in history aims for biggest Olympic flame record.

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Armistice Day

When small I realised that my birthday was marked by poppies.  My parents would take me to the war memorial in my home town.  We’d stand there, heads bowed, silent as annually dwindling numbers of old men marched past.  My great … Continue reading

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So farewell then Norman Mailer

Norman Mailer has died.  I’ve not really got on well with his work, aside from The Fight – the tale of the Rumble in the Jungle.  Martin Amis wrote of him, “No one in the history of the written word, … Continue reading

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Lord Pooter update

I may be reading too much into Lord Pooter’s latest update on his blog, but is he comparing himself to Homer? (readers can insert own Simpsons related joke here)

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Scotland’s police

During the Scottish election parties bartered as to how many more police officer Scotland needed.  The SNP promised 1000 more, a promise that has generated much debate.  But why does Scotland need the extra officers?  Now we know.  We apparently need extra … Continue reading

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Peter Tatchell on the Commonwealth Games

Via Mr Eugenides Peter Tatchell has criticised Nigeria as a prospective home of the Commonwealth Games Mr Tatchell notes (seemingly without irony), “It would be inappropriate for the 2014 Commonwealth Games to be held anywhere in Nigeria, given the country’s serious … Continue reading

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What’s a matter you?

Gotta no Respect, George?

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Fake television

My regular reader may be wondering what has happened to the semi-regular series of pun-based fake television programmes. As a result of the screen-writers strike in the US I am currently in negotiations to determine if I can use my … Continue reading

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Best political resignation reason ever

Lord Drayson has resigned as a defence minister to try to qualify for Le Mans: “As you know I have a passion for motor racing and over the past year have competed in the British GT championship racing a unique … Continue reading

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The society for the pismonunciation of worms – Queen’s Speech watch

Could someone please tell Vince Cable that the word “awry” is pronounced ah – rye rather than orry.   It rather undercut the power of his argument to worry what he was going to stumble over next – would “misled” appear … Continue reading

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Aamer Anwar

A regular figure in the media is Aamer Anwar, a Scottish solicitor who came to fame when representing the family of the late Surjit Chokhar following an unsuccessful prosecution for a racially motivated killing.  Mr Anwar has, since then, regularly … Continue reading

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Land registration and fraud

Property law lies at the heart of capitalist legal systems.  Where a system is based on facilitating commerce property law provides a mechanism whereby prospective purchasers can determine that the seller of an asset owns the property, and to allow … Continue reading

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Inexplicable statements in news articles – an occasional series

A man has been convicted of simulating sex with a pavement (after some earlier unspecified behaviour) in full view of a female taxi driver.  So what, you may think, this sort of thing goes on all the time in my town.  … Continue reading

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