A new slogan for a new Scotland

Yesterday I posted about the new slogan “Welcome to Scotland” not realising that every man and his blog had done (or was about to do) the same.  Particularly entertaining are the contributions of BBC Scotland political editor Brian Taylor who wrote,

today we got the details. We learned, we were enlightened, we watched in awe. 

The new slogan will be: “Welcome to Scotland.”

I know, I know. Be still my beating heart. Such excitement, such glamour. 

The Scottish Government calls it a “vibrant” new campaign. “Welcome to Scotland.” 

Now one or two sceptics out there might think this new phrase a little lacking in energy – or even, perhaps, originality. Take their names, I say. 

Apparently, this isn’t a slogan. We are not comparing like with like. It is a “generic theme”, within which we are to discern the particular merits of each locality. “

And in the musings of a reactionary snob Mr Snob writes,

“the replacement for ‘The Best Small Country In The World’ is:

‘Welcome To Scotland. Failte gu Alba’. 

That’s it. That is the sum total of some Arts graduate’s work for the past 6 months. …  That is, roughly, one month per word. It is just under £21,000 per word. It isn’t really six words – it’s three that the wonk has stuck in an internet translation site!”

Before going on to point out that the slogan comes with pictures including

A bald man in a raincoat wandering along an Edinburgh close – I’ll let you make your own flasher gags… Is this really what we want people to think of Edinburgh? Home of the flashing baldie?

The poster for Aberdeen airport shows crashing waves alongside the caption: ”Home of the world’s largest commercial wave energy farm’ – Hold on to your hats, kids. Now I know that Aberdeen is the home of the world’s largest commercial wave energy farm, we’ll be going their on our summer jollies. I’ll just get the wife to shred those tickets to Florida…”

It appears then that there may be a popular groundswell for a new slogan.  Given the £125,000 the last one cost I invite you my dear reader to help in the selection.  I have come up with some.  

GIven Mr McLeish’s recent job moves how about “Scotland: nearly as good as Birmingham”?  Or “Pure dead brilliant” the slogan featured at Prestwick airport in recent years?  Or “Scotland: Lulu’s left; you can come in”.  Or should we revive Jack McConnell’s “the best small country in the world” but couched with an appropriate Carlsbergian qualification?  

So what should Scotland’s slogan be?

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I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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16 Responses to A new slogan for a new Scotland

  1. Scotland, ya fuckin’ radge cunts!

    • Irvine and Kevin Williamson once wrote a guidebook to Edinburgh – which is well worht getting hold of if you’re able. This sentiment would not have been out of keeping with their project.

  2. Ripping off Jasper Ffoorde’s for Wales: ‘Scotland, not always raining’.

  3. bagrec says:

    Scotland: Regular Trains To London

  4. pigeonhed says:

    Scotland: Alex Salmond For First Minister!

  5. pigeonhed says:

    Warwickshire is Shakespeare Country, Dorset is Thomas Hardy Country, and Haworth is Bronte Country, so its obvious: Scotland: Home Of The Krankies

  6. nmg says:

    In honour of John Smeaton, I think that “Scotland: We’ll just set aboot ye” has an undeniable ring to it.

  7. Scotland: You’ll have had your tea?

    • Only applicable to certain parts of Edinburgh I’m afraid.
      In Glasgow you have the opposite problem – people willing to make conversation with you and share a cuppa even if you have absolutely no idea who the individual is and indicate a healthy desire to move as far away as possible via the usual mechanisms of headphones, involuntary twitching, and temporary Tourette’s.

  8. surliminal says:

    I think Scotland : Alex Salmond for First Minister kinda hits the spot 🙂
    Alternately Glasgow oops Edinburgh er falkirk’s miles better?
    Speaking to 15 yes FIFTEEN radio stations tomorrow. May conceivably be mangled in the Guardian

  9. ravensthorpe says:

    I can’t help but think that they are behind the times. Surely the new slogan should just read:

  10. Anonymous says:

    Any minute now we’re bringing back public hangings here. Since the evidence is absolutely solid that the death penalty does not deter criminals at all, it might as well scare the bejesus out of all of those people who weren’t going to commit murder in the first place. You can see the unerring logic of this, right?

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