Having trouble Darling?

Will Alistair Darling resign over this small problem?

Excerpts from the report indicate the problem

Confidential details of 15 million child benefit recipients are on a computer disc lost by HM Revenue and Customs, the BBC understands.  15 million15 million?  on a disc “lost” by HMRC?  how do you lose 15 million details.  WTF were they all doing on one disc?  And where and why did they lose it?  have they tried looking behind the fridge?  Whenever I lose something it’s usually behind the fridge.  But I don’t tend to lose things with 15 million confidential bank details on it – Christ there are only 60 million people in the UK.  The identity security of a quarter of us have been compromised.  Well, I hope someone senior has resigned.

“The chairman of revenue and customs, Paul Gray, has resigned. Good.  Will Alistair?   He should.  I mean they’ve lost 15 million sets of confidential details.

“Revenue and Customs says it does not believe the records – names, addresses and bank accounts – have fallen into the wrong hands. oh well, that’s all right then.  I mean whenever you lose the confidential details of 15 million people with names, addresses and bank accounts you can assume that only genuine honest people would find it and not do anything untoward with it.  That seems a pretty safe assumption.

“Chancellor Alistair Darling is to give a Commons statement on “a major operational problem” at 1530 GMT.

“BBC political editor Nick Robinson said he understood ministers had been aware for nine to 10 days. How long?  nine to ten  days.    And they’ve only thought to tell us now that the confidential bank details, names and addresses of 15 million child benefit recipients have gone missing from HMRC?  Why haven’t they told us before?  Were they looking behind the fridge?  Perhaps it’s in someone’s pocket.  My mum always tells me to try the place where I was when I lost it.  Perhaps they could try there.

“Mr Darling is expected to outline the measures taken to protect those whose data has been lost. ”   While he’s at it will he confirm that he has tendered his resignation.  So are we all going to have to change our bank accounts?  or move?  Good God. 


ETA I think I’ll leave it to

, or one of the other usual suspects to consider the potential implications of this for ID cards and a government controlled database.  In the meantime try Matt Wardman who asks simply,  “Does anybody still believe in the utility of a central computerised database for ID Cards?” or Mr Eugenides who asks, “And you still want these people to set up and run a compulsory national ID database?”  

ETA  (4 pm) Sorry for misleading people earlier.  It’s not 15 million people.  It’s 


so that’s only


and Alistair Darling is still in a job.

ETA (4.10 pm)   And there’s more: the stuff was posted on 18th October.  It took 3 weeks to realise it had gone missing.  Nobody told Darling until 10th November.

Oh, and Prudence the Presbyterian has full confidence in his Chancellor


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6 Responses to Having trouble Darling?

  1. Does the term CRIMINAL negligence mean nothing to these f*cktards?

    • As Bernard Manning said in the cake episode of Brass EYe,
      It’s a fooking disgrace.
      I am bemused as to why the politicos are not calling for Darling’s head (or Brown – after all he set up HMRC and its wonderful internal systems). Darling has not offered to resign, the reports note. Why not?
      And it takes five weeks from it happening until they let us know. And the data will include those key security details – the maiden name, bank account details, addresses. Darling wass trotting out some nonsense about the risk to bank accounts being small. That’s not the point. We all know that ID theft is based on providing approrpiate information to fraudulently borrow in somebody else’s name. Well, that’s every parent in the country (including my wife and myself so interest declared) potentially affected.
      I read your post. It’s tempting to bang in FoI requests and to start demanding a state funded creditcheck system. Time was I woudl have asked for a nationalised one, but this lot couldn’t organise an orgy in a brothel.

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