Fake television

My regular reader may be wondering what has happened to the semi-regular series of pun-based fake television programmes.

As a result of the screen-writers strike in the US I am currently in negotiations to determine if I can use my collection of pun-based titles with anticipated trailers or descriptions for your delectation and delight.  Obviously prior to the strike I stored an extensive backlog of pun-based titles and mini-trailers or descriptions.  However, pending guidance from Union officials the following are in abeyance and may not see the light of day:

The secret diary of a coil girl
The secret dairy of a call girl
The secret diary of a cool girl
The secret diary of a Kohl girl
The secret diary of a Col girl

and fake gameshows including

Goldenbowls – a sports based gameshow from the late 1980s
Strictly Come Lancing – medieval Bruce Forsyth hosted show
Kant down – the philosophers game show

About loveandgarbage

I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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7 Responses to Fake television

  1. Have we had the secret diary of a cale girl yet?

  2. pigeonhed says:

    Whatever happened to Brian Cant?

    • He was rejected for the voice of Windy Miller/Camberwick green in the breakfast cereal advert (which ended up with Charlie Higson) and the last I saw of him was guesting in BBC TV’s Doctors.

  3. The secret diary of a CAL girl (China Airlines?)

  4. Got one – apologies if you have done this one already – drawing on Ms. Piper’s SF heritage…
    The secret diary of a Total Re-call girl

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