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News poll

NOTICE FROM NUMBER 10 DOWNING STREET PRESS OFFICE: The following post has been approved by Number 10 Downing Street and applies our usual policies Given the importance of the big news story about [party political content] and especially after Prudence … Continue reading

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Political news

I understand that there is some issue about some matter or other involving the Labour party and the police.  Again.  My source advised me that Gordon Brown had had something to say about the general topic in his press conference … Continue reading

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A new slogan for a new Scotland

Yesterday I posted about the new slogan “Welcome to Scotland” not realising that every man and his blog had done (or was about to do) the same.  Particularly entertaining are the contributions of BBC Scotland political editor Brian Taylor who … Continue reading

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A plea to the Lib Dems

Can we keep Vince Cable at Prime Minister’s Questions? The line that Prudence the Presbyterian has gone “from Stalin to Mr Bean” in a matter of weeks is the first time I have laughed during PMQs. The prospect of replacing … Continue reading

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No longer the best small country in the world

Many years ago my home town, Annan, held a competition to name the local hospital.  Various names were proposed linked to famous names from the area.  The winner was “Annan Hospital”.  The winners were a team of school pupils and it … Continue reading

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When television was really good

Paging burkesworks and blue_condition – “Ah bet you didn’t know the North’s best skittle players come from Barnsley” – yes, it’s Indoor League.  

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Griffin at the Oxford Union

The Daily Mash has reported the results of the debate on freedom of speech featuring David Irving and Nick Griffin at the Oxford Union last night.   BNP abandons racism after Oxford debate.  (warning contains some offensive language). ON the topic … Continue reading

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Benefit data again

I realise that I’m sounding like a man obsessed with yet another post about the loss of the benefit data (possibly because I am directly affected by it – and remain astonished at the ineptitude).   I am struck by one … Continue reading

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World leader blog news

Ever wondered what the leader of Iran does for at least 15 minutes every day?  That’s right he reads the comments posted on his blog and every six months or so writes that he’s been reading the comments.  (via Tom Watson)

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Obituary news

So farewell then Verity Lambert – and while, like all Doctor Who fans, her role in bringing the show to air is something that I am grateful for and that has given me and now my children years of pleasure, … Continue reading

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Benefit data again – post two of two

Earlier today I made reference to the HOuse of Lords Science and Technology committee report on Internet Security.  This contained a series of recommendations for government on how to protect data to safeguard internet security.  IN late October (around the … Continue reading

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Benefit data again – first of two part post

The House of Lords Science and Technology committee produced earlier this year a report on internet security.  The government responded last month – at around the time HMRC became aware that the staff had lost 25 million personal records.  Some of … Continue reading

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Benefit data again

This snippet in this morning’s Guardian seems to have been by-passed in the midst of the general furore about the topic. “Shawn Williams, a partner in a law firm specialising in fraud cases, said he regularly received confidential data from … Continue reading

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Benefit data update

With thanks to thunderbox  for spotting this e-bay sale and to Mr Eugenides for drawing attention to the story Darling send 25 million bank records to Nigerian doctor.  

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When do you tell someone you’ve lost 25 million records? and is there a liar in the White House?

This hasn’t received much UK publicity as yet (given that our minds are on the ineptitude of a government system that can lose the details of 25 million people and then wait three weeks to tell the bosses at HMRC who … Continue reading

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Obituary news

 Ian Smith makes unilateral declaration of independence from life’s empire.

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Having trouble Darling?

Will Alistair Darling resign over this small problem? Excerpts from the report indicate the problem “Confidential details of 15 million child benefit recipients are on a computer disc lost by HM Revenue and Customs, the BBC understands.  15 million?  15 … Continue reading

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National No Music Day

Tomorrow is National no music day (initiated by Bill Drummond).  Bill wants us to reassess our relationship with music by not listening to any.  In order to broaden my musical horizons I would be grateful for suggestions for things I … Continue reading

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My next guest

Is anyone prepared to admit that they didn’t/couldn’t guess that the final Parkinson would include appearances from both Billy Connolly and Jamie Cullum? So anyone know where we can get odds on a repeat of that oh so hilarious bike park … Continue reading

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Political news and the celebrity cabinet

The Blair documentary was quite interesting last night.  Tony was obviously a scholar of old Yes Minister episodes.  He bounced Gordon Brown into increasing health spending by making a public commitment on an episode of Frost (like Jim Hacker and … Continue reading

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