Diana – final words

My regular reader will know that I was a huge admirer of The Princess of People’s Hearts.  The people’s Princess may have been the daughter of an Earl but she showed she truly was one of the people by never knowingly passing up a photo opportunity while posing next to a sick or old person.  Few will forget the manner in which She revealed Her caring side by speaking to them and – through the medium of a sharp intake of breath – instantly alleviating them of all pain and suffering.  She came to us to spread happiness and understanding.  I never knew that landmines could kill and maim until She showed the way, and thought HiV could be caught from reading the Daily Star or sitting on public transport, until She held the hand of an AIDS sufferer.   And that everything was cut short, that she was gathered up, just as she had discovered she was expecting the grandchild of Mr Fayed, the well known Scottish landowner and opponent of the right to roam legislation (which he characterised as a Zimbabwean style land grab), still makes me weep.   

Anyway, via the Scottish Roundup I have been pointed in the direction of a poignant and touching post on her final words by the flying rodent


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