Who’s the royal?

My usual injunction busting reliance on the Australian media has failed today.  I have been unable to identify who the mystery coked up sex-starved royal is.  Given the silence speculation is rife.  So, a poll to guess who it is.


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7 Responses to Who’s the royal?

  1. nmg says:

    Unfortunately, unlike the previous round of scurrilous rumours about a senior royal receiving sexual gratification from a member of the staff (which no UK paper would print, of course), this time I don’t have a journalistic contact in a gutter tabloid to fill me in.

    • Now for that the Sydney Morning Herald happily obliged (and The Guardian published a strange photograph of a seniro royal and his equerry – illustrating an article on hunting, coincidentally placed on the same page as the story 😉 )

      • nmg says:

        Heh. Reporting the truth through typographic insinuation.

        • The INdy once did the same with Ashdown during the fuss abouthis affair. He tookout the injunction which was splashed across front pages – senior politician takes out injunction to block stories about affair. Beneath this the Indy published a large picture of Ashdown, with a caption saying something like, “Paddy Ashdown address a conference on international development yesterday. More details on page 19.” leading to a story one paragraph long.

        • Found it 😉
          Took less than 5 minutes and a quick trawl through Europe’s top publications. One even prints pictures of the royal in question.

  2. The Beeb claim it is a low level royal who has a low profile (although I thought it was the other person who was on their knees :-)).

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