Why Alexander should resign – part 2

Further to my post last night, in comments on a post on Iain Dale’s blog the key passages from the report damning the Scotland Office (and by implication Alexander) are extracted by a Mr or MS “Zac’s Pezt” who quotes

“Page 17 – “What is characteristic of 2007 was a notable level of party self interest evident in Ministerial decision-making (especially in regard to the timing and method of counts and the design of ballot papers).”

Page 30 – “it became clear that both the Scotland Office and the Scottish Executive were frequently focused on partisan political interests”

Page 40 – “The final version of the combined ballot sheet was devised by the Scotland Office…This caused problems because the Scotland Office worked independently with DRS on this issue without adequately communicating its decisions on the combined ballot paper to Returning Officers”

Page 45 – “…timetable slippages due the Scotland Office’s requests for DRS to investigate variant ballot paper designs which Ministers seemed keen to pursue.”

Page 49 – “In our view, the Scotland Office (working with the Electoral Commission) and the Scottish Executive were remiss in not commissioning a much larger and joint study on the impact on the voter of the ballot papers and mixed marking requirements.””

Now, who is this pointing the finger at?

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