How should the BBC save money? – a Doctor Who perspective

The BBC needs to save cash.  As well as underwriting the digital switchover, and paying flipping great wadges of cash to Jonathan Ross and his ilk, the Beeb requires to maintain certain core services – news, drama, comedy, radio &c.  But cash strapped the Beeb is going to sell television centre, including the Blue Peter Garden, make hundreds redundant to save money.

This story was reported by one Doctor Who website as follows:

BBC to sell TV Centre; Doctor Who safe

which gives a sense of fan priorities.  

Anyway, given the exorbitant costs of Doctor Who surely there are some cuts that could be made there that would save money.

I therefore suggest that they base all their stories on Earth, because alien planets are expensive.  Secondly, if basing them all on Earth – why not find some city, perhaps in a regional centre like Northern Ireland, the north west of England, or Wales – and film every episode there using different parts of the city to act as different parts of Earth.  

With these two simple measures the BBC  could save shedloads.  Putting these constraints on a show where the central character can travel anywhere at any time must surely help ease BBC drama financial worries.

Alternatively, just cancel Torchwood – perhaps you could off-screen send them all to the Himalays looking for the Great Intelligence and have them killed in some mountaineering incident.  It could be mentioned if the Doctor ever visits Earth in a future series.


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One Response to How should the BBC save money? – a Doctor Who perspective

  1. To be fair, I suspect that Television Centre is probably (a) wildly unsuitable for today’s technology and (b) probably completely impossible to reengineer.
    Also, whilst it has a certain charm, I am not sure that it deserves to survive on its architectural merits.

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