Who should we nominate for a peerage

As I explained yesterday we ca\n now nominate people for peerages via the helpful http://www.lordsappointments.gov.uk/ site.  To be successful you must comply at the very least with the published criteria which are:

the nominee has a record of significant achievement within their chosen way of life that demonstrates a range of experience, skills and competencies;
the nominee is able to make an effective and significant contribution to the work of the House of Lords, not only in their areas of particular interest and special expertise but the wide range of other issues coming before the House;
the nominee must understand the constitutional framework, including the place of the House of Lords, and the skills and qualities needed to be an effective member of the House – for example, nominees should be able to speak with independence and authority;
the nominee must have time available to ensure they can make an effective contribution within the procedures and working practices of the House of Lords;
the nominee must demonstrate outstanding personal qualities, in particular integrity and independence;
must have a strong and personal commitment to the principles and highest standards of public life.

Taking into account these factors yesterday our nominees are listed below.  Please vote for the individual you wish to see nominated for a peerage.  Sadly, the lack of a single transferable voting system and a desire to avoid requiring you to express only one preference means that a multiple voting system will be in operation.  This may of course cause a little confusion.  Fortunately the Tory party and the French have mechanisms for dealing with such things and an appropriate second ballot may be available in due course,

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  1. Actually, having seen the attendance allowances, it’s not worth it ;P

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