Gordon and the election shambles

Gordon Brown has a reputation as a master strategist.  However, the election debacle gives the lie to this and is the first consequence of the bizarre appointment of DOuglas Alexander to act as Gordon’s election supremo.  As suggested here “he has such an impressive track record in recent elections including the one where he co-ordinated the campaign that led to the worst Labour result in Scotland for over 50 years. ”  (This is a view shared by Alastair here)

Alexander is reported in today’s Observer to have been (alongside Blinky Ben prototype Ed Balls) one of those pushing Brown to go to the country and then got cold feet at the last minute.

Alexander screwed up the Scottish election both logistically (his department was in charge of the debacle that disenfranchised an electorate around the size of the population of Dundee); and campaign-wise – where the unrelentingly negative campaign run by Alexander, contrary to the wishes of Jack McConnell, was – according to the recent Stratchlyde UNiversity study – one of the key factors in firming up what had hitherto been a fluid vote for the SNP.

Will DOuglas with a z Alexander, notorious Miss Hoolie and Liza Minelli impersonator be one of those fingered by the media?  Of course not, for like his boss – when muck hits the fan Douglas is usually elsewhere and present some other mug for the blame.

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