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A review of “The History of the World Backwards” backwards

The HIstory of the World Backwards (Tuesday 10 pm, BBC4) I slowly awoke from my slumbers drifting into ennui.  Rob Newman was on the telly.  It had only been a week since he had appeared on the television, and of … Continue reading

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Protected: Legal question

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Fake television

 INT: shower room, towel carelessly over towel rail adjacent to frosted glass of the shower.  Camera outside, silhouette within.   BILLIE PIPER (Voiceover):  Some people don’t like what I do. Shower door edges open, hand reaches out to grab towel. BILLIE … Continue reading

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Fake television trailers

INT: BIllie Piper’s bedroom.   BILLIE clutches her stomach and rushes to the toilet.  Camera focuses on closed door.  We hear the lock. ANOUNCER: (voiceover)   Coming soon to ITV2 We hear the flush of a toilet, BILLIE crying in pain and … Continue reading

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Diana – final words

My regular reader will know that I was a huge admirer of The Princess of People’s Hearts.  The people’s Princess may have been the daughter of an Earl but she showed she truly was one of the people by never knowingly passing … Continue reading

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I’ve redecorated

You won’t like it.

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Who’s the royal?

My usual injunction busting reliance on the Australian media has failed today.  I have been unable to identify who the mystery coked up sex-starved royal is.  Given the silence speculation is rife.  So, a poll to guess who it is.

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The Scottish election debacle report debacle

Not only were the Scottish elections shambolic, now the rigmarole around the report into the shambles has descended into a shambles. The story so far: The report said the following, “What is characteristic of 2007 was a notable level of … Continue reading

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Douglas Alexander redux

Someone from the Douglas Alexander website must have been reading my posts yesterday.  Yesterday I mentioned that the poll on the Alexander website gave proportions of 50 and 49% for the votes cast in a two option vote.  Well, today, the … Continue reading

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Fake television trailers

INT: Bedroom.  Billie Piper wearing little.  Billie is remembering a pep talk.  As she gets ready, dressed for her work (quick cuts, lots of flesh) the audience hears the pep talk in voiceover. FEMALE VOICE : (mature) You’ve got to … Continue reading

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Douglas Alexander

DOuglas Alexander can’t even run elections on his own website without disenfranchising some.   His site at has an option on the left hand side of the screen marked “Poll” with an option to vote for one of two sample poll answers.  … Continue reading

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Why Alexander should resign – part 2

Further to my post last night, in comments on a post on Iain Dale’s blog the key passages from the report damning the Scotland Office (and by implication Alexander) are extracted by a Mr or MS “Zac’s Pezt” who quotes … Continue reading

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The Scottish election debacle – Alexander should resign

The Gould report reviewing the Scottish elections (and the result of thousands of papers being rejected – discussed previously here and here and here) has been published today.  It lists a series of systemic problems and failings, calls for the professionalisation of … Continue reading

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Civil liberties

This is a holding post and I may return to it tomorrow when I see Hansard. During the regular efforts at fearmongering the government make regular attempts to persuade MPs and the public that it is an essential requirement that … Continue reading

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Celebrity news

How the mighty are fallen? From Three of a Kind to Lift Off with Coppers and Co where he performed with a crocodile puppet and did card tricks, via the E4 series where they locked old comics in a house … Continue reading

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Apology of the week

During the fuss about television fakery the Beeb reported on a Channel 5 show (the daily quiz Brainteaser – hosted by very jolly hosts and involving anagrams and other happy word games).  On this show the heinous sin of a producer posing … Continue reading

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SNP and the council tax

During the election campaign the SNP pledged (a) to replace council tax with Local Income Tax (which I support); and (b) to freeze council tax in the interim. The local income tax issue is foundering in some respects – collection … Continue reading

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How should the BBC save money? – a Doctor Who perspective

The BBC needs to save cash.  As well as underwriting the digital switchover, and paying flipping great wadges of cash to Jonathan Ross and his ilk, the Beeb requires to maintain certain core services – news, drama, comedy, radio &c.  … Continue reading

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the Lib Dem leadership contest in pictures

Don’t know who’s Huhne in the Lib Dem leadership contest?  Then this handy cut out and keep guide gives a visual representation of the main runners. THEME TUNE: The Lib Dem Leadership Contest (to the tune of The Last of … Continue reading

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Who should lead the Lib Dems?

The end of Ming was merciless.  Warnings of his demise had been cable-d in advance and now the Ming dynasty is at an end (ed: end Ming puns now – there’ll be plenty in the tabloids tomorrow).  So who should lead … Continue reading

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