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(non)blogging minister

Another blogging Scottish minister has bitten the dust.  After the Mike Russell holiday hell debacle Stewart “Beaker or Father Jack” Stevenson (friend of this LJ – past posts here). has stopped blogging.  His site now leads to a page that reads … Continue reading

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Pauline McNeill – an alternative view

Apparently there are some that disagree with my view of Pauline McNeill.  One of those on the list of the carefully and scientifically chosen list of top 20 Scottish blogs (published on the Iain Dale website today and chosen by … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s headlines today

It escaped my attention yesterday that the Sex Pistols were reuniting for a 30th anniversary concert.  Given this is the latest in the bunch of ageing artistes cashing in doing what the fans really want, has any newspaper ran with the headline, “Never … Continue reading

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Where films went wrong – an occasional series – number 94

It’s a wonderful life. What happened? On the day of his wedding George Bailey is due to leave Bedford Falls and sees a rush to the bank and the Bailey Building and Loan.  George returns to his office and explains … Continue reading

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Wendy Alexander has a high opinion of this person, so what does that say about Wendy?

My regular reader may recall previous postings about Pauline McNeill, MSP for Glasgow Kelvin and occasional blogger (although I see that stopped the moment she won the election – well done Pauline).  Ms McNeill was one of those behind the Wendy Alexander … Continue reading

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government by youtube

Missing Alex Salmond from your screens?   Why not visit the Scottish government youtube channel and watch wee Eck on video? Government by youtube, eh?  Makes up for continually losing votes in the chamber (another loss today) by appealing over the … Continue reading

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The Scottish Six – why broadcasting shouldn’t be devolved – number 95

The freedom of information monkeys have been at it again.  The government formerly known as the Scottish Executive (the first to declare its independence from legal shackles by press release) has released background briefing papers prepared for the previous regime … Continue reading

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Football, eh? Bloody hell.

 On the day that a drunken Fifer  admitted assaulting Sir Alex Ferguson before he’d attacked a policeman (the headline drunken Fifer assaults Fergie conjured up images of Gordon Brown doing something awful to the Duchess of York), Scotland achieved (what was referred … Continue reading

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20:20 vision

Listening to the crciket during lunch, waiting for students to arrive, and pleasantly surprised to hear that Scotland are doing pretty well against Pakistan Pakistan: 81/4 in the 13th over.   In typing that the first ball to Afridi goes for … Continue reading

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Can you get a gun?

There was a report this morning that nearly one in five men can get their hands on an illegal firearm if they needed to.  Apparently fewer women can get a gun.  So, the can you get a gun? poll.

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Lord Pooter update

My most recent tale of Lord Pooter suggested that he’d finished his new novel, Prisoner of BIrth – the tale of a man (Godfrey Bowman a sandy haired peer of the realm with a blemish free back) unjustly imprisoned because … Continue reading

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ANother week, another Sheridan story

As matters crank up prior to the December hearing before the Inner House more information has emerged from the Tommy Sheridan case in the Sunday Herald.  Given the timescale the grounds of appeal and other relevant information to argument will … Continue reading

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Reasons why broadcasting shouldn’t be devolved – number 94

Alex Salmond wants to devolve broadcasting to the control of the Scottish Parliament.  Those of us that care about television therefore look at home-grown broadcasting to evaluate the merits of this argument. BBC Scotland has a new “comedy”.  It is … Continue reading

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Stories that aren’t as good as the headlines promise – number 94

“Yentob in noddy controversy” I was hoping at the very least for photos, some stuffed toys, and peculiar uses of old Enid Blyton books.  Apparently, it’s nothing to do with that. If anyone would like to give me the edited … Continue reading

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The public speaks: Pavarotti

They’ve just read out an e-mail about the great man on Five Live.  A listener has suggested what her termed “a fitting tribute”.  He suggests that every opera house should have a bust of Pavarotti and “Andrew Lloyd Webber should … Continue reading

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Booker shortlist

Renowned literary expert Howard Davies and his panel of Booker judges have revealed the short list for this year’s Booker prize.  The shortlist comprises Darkmans by Nicola Barker (Fourth Estate) The Gathering by Anne Enright (Jonathan Cape) The Reluctant Fundamentalist … Continue reading

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Judging the judges

I occasionally post about law, and occasionally post about politics.  In Scotland one man that is important in both spheres is Ian Hamilton QC, who has a wordpress blog updated fairly regularly with articles and thoughts from many contributors.  Hamilton … Continue reading

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The Nats pronounce and Sedley, LJ wants to know all about you

Mark today in the diary for annual celebration.  The SNP finally do something – their legislative programme is announced today – only 4 months after the election.   Lord Justice Sedley believes that we should all be on the DNA database.  … Continue reading

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Marco Pierre White speaks

Tonight’s viewing of Hells Kitchen revealed the following delight from Marco Pierre White, “I’m like a bingo caller.  Every night I’m nailed to the cross.” I’m guessing Marco doesn’t get down to Mecca quite as often as he should.

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Jim Davidson speaks

Catching two minutes of Hells Kitchen on ITV1 I enjoyed this gem from Jim Davidson, “Everything I’ve ever tried I’ve been crap.” Pause “Apart from comedy.” Discuss

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