Craig Murray and Tim Ireland revisited

Just a quick update on this topic I’ve referred to a couple of times previously.  I’m still not aware of Murray’s site being operational but Tim Ireland is currently operating from here and has posted a very interesting timeline on the legal threats and webhost responses that led to the removal of Murray’s website as well as bloggerheads and others.

From a legal perspective there’s been quite a bit of writing on the issues around alleged on-line defamation.  The most stimulating piece is this in Ministry of Truth, a long post – but a detailed consideration of how law should deal with alleged on-line defamation.  My own background is not in defamation but for what it’s worth the law in this area is long overdue for reform (including one issue that affects Scotland but not England that even matters which are true can potentially found actions through the old Scottish action of convicium).  Those following the Murray case or having concerns about the removal of blogs by webhosts with little notice (something which seemed to be an issue in certain fan communities on LJ a while ago) should have a look at the article and Tim ireland’s postings.

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