The silencing of Craig Murray

 The other day I posted about Craig Murray’s website being removed after the intervention of an Uzbek billionaire’s solicitors.  The story was carried on chickenyoghurt with follow up stories on a few blogs.  I’d found the action against the webhosts legally unsurprising – but out of proportion.  Murray has, as I indicated, invited the billionaire to sue him.  However, rather than taking direct action against Murray and having his allegations tested in court they instead decided to take  the action against the webhosts has served to publicise Murray’s allegations far more effectively then Murray’s blog is – as I type – still not up and running.  The action in removing Murray’s site had “collateral damage” in removing the sites of Tim Ireland (still not up and running but a test page indicates some life is there and in the interim he is posting here with his take on the case to date), Boris Johnson, Councillor Bob Piper, and others including a Bach society.   I did not imagine then, that the story would still be running days later, and have become something of a cause celebre (mainly as a result of Boris’s involvement rather than the original story about censoring through removal, Murray’s blog).  The story featured on Radio 5 Live last night where the broader issues of ISP or webhost liability for blog posts is discussed (1 – 18 minutes in roughly) and more than 250 people have posted about the story.  For information on the background, the developments, and those who have posted the public service announcement by Justin on the chicken yoghurt site remains the hub of activities and has a list of the 250 that have blogged on the story.

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