Jim Davidson speaks

Catching two minutes of Hells Kitchen on ITV1 I enjoyed this gem from Jim Davidson,

“Everything I’ve ever tried I’ve been crap.”


“Apart from comedy.”


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I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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7 Responses to Jim Davidson speaks

  1. robsoft says:

    What was most brilliant about it (I saw it too, got it on here in the hotel) was the utter lack of anything remotely approaching comedic timing with the follow-up line.

    • That’s what made me laugh most about it. He was being serious. I could have imagined Bob Monkhouse milking that follow up and getting a huge laugh – before leering at the camera.

  2. burkesworks says:

    He was great when he had a rotten prawn rammed down his throat by Joss Ackland while playing a dodgy Amsterdam zookeeper in Greenaway’s A Zed And Two Noughts.

    • He was great when he had a rotten prawn rammed down his throat
      I’m hoping Marco Pierre White has read this. Any ideas to enliven Hells Kitchen should be gratefully received.

      • robsoft says:

        The mean and moody thing is going to get old fast, I think. It’s clearly not as dynamic as Gordon SwearyBastardBully Ramsay’s version.
        But then Gordon loses points for taking the show over to the States. I caught an episode of it on one of the digital channels and it was just as awful as you’d expect – stellar production values but whinging whining lardy American chefs sobbing inconsolably and making dark references to their childhood, or just plain outright threatening Ramsay with violence (which would have been awesome telly).
        MPW comes out with some great cod-philosophy, though – it’s like a cross between Garry Rhodes and Eric Cantona. If we could just mix a little Ainsley Harriot in there, we’d have inadvertently-hilarious tv celeb gold.

  3. pigeonhed says:

    Funnily enough i saw a poster today advertising Mr Davidson doing a show in kendal. I missed the date but im certain I have a prior engagement that night.

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