The Tomster, the actor, and the police investigation

The semi-regular Tommy Sheridan update is available via the Sunday Herald which today reports that Martin McCardle, an actor and playwright, has been questioned in the perjury investigation.  McCardle is a friend of the Tomster and has been questioned about attempts to dispose of information about the private life of the govan bigfoot.  MCardle was the author of the motion that called on the SSP to destroy any information about Sheridan’s private life, circulated via Sheridan’s e-mail account at Holyrood.

Of most interest though is the now regular bun fight in the comments to the article between members of Solidartomsc, members of the SSP, the studiedly neutral, those who feel their characters have been impugned due to an intemperate posting, and those who just like a good gossip.

Video-blogging of the civil appeal begins in December.

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I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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2 Responses to The Tomster, the actor, and the police investigation

  1. brooschlee says:

    I’m spending the week in Edinburgh and I’m terribly upset that I’ve missed every single showing of the Tomster’s edinburgh show, if only because I could report back on how un/amusing it is. I did however have a tour of Holyrood this morning, and I’ve touched Alex Salmon (for First Minister’s) desk, which I must admit, was quite chuffed with.

    • I missed all of the Tomster due to family commitments (and to avoid donating to the civil appeal fighting fund). When at Holyrood did you see the desk where the alleged e-mail was allegedly sent calling for the destruction of all documentation held by the SSP pertaining to the Tomster’s private life? It’ll be worth something one day 😉
      Hope you’re enjoying Edinburgh.

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