No election says election supremo

Apparently, NuLab election supremo Douglaz with a z Alexander, the man who lost Scotland, has said that rumours of an early election are premature (although he did not rule out an election before the end of the year).  This is clearly to allow Alexander time to complete his transformation into role model Liza Minelli.  Already Alexander is part of the way there.

During election campaign

A recent publicity shot of Douglaz

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2 Responses to No election says election supremo

  1. zotz says:

    the man who lost Scotland
    For several months before the election, everyone reckoned the SNP were in line for an overall majority. After the campaign, they were only just the biggest party.
    There’s a pretty good argument for the campaign itself having been a success.

    • I am of the view that the level of interference McConnell endured from Alexander and Brown (whose vision of the Scottish Labour party differed from McConnell’s as expressed during both of his leadership campaigns) rendered McConnell’s position throughout the final year of his first ministership incredibly difficult. The interference can be traced to Alexander’s position as Scottish Secretary and the early decision to give him ( a politician based at a different PArliament) control of the election campaign.
      The campaign was – in addition – unremittingly negative, which did not play to McConnell’s strengths and suggested that the Scottish Labour party did not have anything to speak in favour of. That may be true, but a government of 8 years can surely point to some achievements.

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