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Craig Murray and Tim Ireland revisited

Just a quick update on this topic I’ve referred to a couple of times previously.  I’m still not aware of Murray’s site being operational but Tim Ireland is currently operating from here and has posted a very interesting timeline on … Continue reading

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The former South AFrican deputy president, his wife, and their readers

 Now, after yesterday’s exciting arrival of e-mail from the former South African deputy president’s wife, I thought I was on to a good thing.  I was in the course of preparing my reply when I received the reply from nhw  who … Continue reading

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The sacked South AFrican deputy president chose me, me – you hear , to help

I have received the following today.  Little did I realise that I was personally known to the former deputy president of South Africa.   Any suggestions as to how I should respond gratefully received.   Dear Friend, I am wife of … Continue reading

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Self defence

Jack Straw wishes to reform the law on self defence.  To assist Jack in formulating policy can I present a brief scenario and ask what would you do?

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“After 20 years we are still coming up with new ideas, which is amazing.”

Who is reported today to have said, “After 20 years we are still coming up with new ideas, which is amazing.” ?

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Tommy’s Troubles

So, back to the Sheridan case.  The Scottish press is remarkably silent on the case today – only The Daily Record and the Herald giving yesterday’s events any prominence and filling in some of the gaps from yesterday’s Beeb report. … Continue reading

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Arthur C Clarke’s Mysterious World

Today marks twenty years of Chucklevision on our screens – unlike French and Saunders and the Two Ronnies there’s not been general Beeb celebration.  Why?

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Sheridan update

Plans for video blogging are put on hold as the Court of Session decide that the News of the Screws v Tommy Sheridan appeal should be delayed (sisted in Scottish legal parlance) pending the out come of the perjury investigation. Well, that’s … Continue reading

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Pootering about

The story so far: Earlier in the year I noted that our hero, Lord Pooter, advises the public that he has just finished the tenth draft of his new novel, which shall remain nameless,  about a man wrongly convicted for a … Continue reading

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In touch judge is also TV critic

 A judge has criticised the televisual obscenity that is the Jeremy Kyle show. Alan Berg – speaking at a hearing relating to a headbutting incident that took place on the show involving a man and a bus driver (and lodger) who … Continue reading

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The silencing of Craig Murray

 The other day I posted about Craig Murray’s website being removed after the intervention of an Uzbek billionaire’s solicitors.  The story was carried on chickenyoghurt with follow up stories on a few blogs.  I’d found the action against the webhosts … Continue reading

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Country matters

And there was me thinking that blue tongue disease had something to do with Gordon inviting Maggie round for tea.

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Most important people on the left of British politics

According to the Torygraph, Douglas with a Z Alexander (notorious Liza Minelli and Miss Hoolie impersonator and the man that led the election campaign that lost Scotland) is number 8 on the list of the most important left wingers in … Continue reading

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Obituary news

? :-O 😦

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Northern Rock promotional literature

I received the following leaflet on Thursday morning with my Northern Rock mortgage statement.

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Freedom of expression, the blogosphere, Uzbek billionaires, and webhosts

Calling  surliminal   (on the IT law front) and other politically interested observers. Have you seen the story about the Uzbek billionaire, currently expanding his share interest in a large English football team, and his latest legal activities? Former British ambassador … Continue reading

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Here is how I would avoid the tax in total and pay not a penny

IN First Minister’s Questions yesterday Annabel Goldie made reference to the Stewart Stevenson shares story broken by ridiculous politics and followed up by the Scotsman yesterday. At First Minister’s Question Time yesterday she asked about Local Income Tax and drew … Continue reading

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Fifty pounds of fun in France – Stewart Stevenson

“Fifty pounds of fun in France” Can you suggest what Stewart “Beaker” Stevenson MSP was writing about when he wrote an article under this heading in an article with such stringent copyright restrictions placed on it that I daren’t quote … Continue reading

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Explaining the financial crisis

No wonder the Bank of England didn’t seem to know what it was doing with u-turns and the like.  They’re not sure which Mervyn King will turn up on any given day.  Will it be the darter or the bowler?

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Stewart Stevenson – a political accident in action

 My regular reader will recall my disappointment at Tommy Sheridan’s defeat in the Scottish election.  Tommy was a gift –  a man who allowed much of this LJ to write itself.  Occasionally posting updates on his antics gave me much … Continue reading

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