Spot the difference contest

Can you spot the difference between these pictures and the coverage of the respective stories in the UK media?

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10 Responses to Spot the difference contest

  1. Not sure who the second picture is but I’m guessing that this is drug related given that the first pic is Michael Rasmussen who was thrown off the Tour de France this year.
    No doubt the Brit in the second pic was also caught but ‘innocent’ in the eyes of the Brit media.

    • Second pic is Christine Ohuruogo who missed 3 drugs tests last year and was banned (harshly according to the BBC commentary team). She came back into the sport a month ago and today won the 400m at the world championships – to accolades telling us it was a fairy tale story, the sort of story Hollywood would kill for and the like. Apparently her missed drugs tests were because she was forgetful unlike Rasmussen who is according to the British media a “drug cheat”. The inconsistency of treatment bemuses me.

  2. pigeonhed says:

    Rio Ferdinand was pilloried too for missing ONE test. And banned for several months.

  3. pigeonhed says:

    Can we name a famous footballing drugs cheat? Oh yes, Willie Johnstone.

  4. I’m waiting for drug testing in golf – where certain drugs could impact on temperament (the Bill Werbenuik beta-blocker phenomenon) or on bulking up (some of them seem broader of the shoulders than they did in the past) – but apparently drugs can’t help in golf because it’s a mental game as much as anything…

  5. shaz_rte says:

    Oliver Holt in today’s Mirror:
    And can they find a drug to give Colin Montgomerie to turn him into an affable human being? ;o)

    • Holt was on Five Live last night and this morning. I see the public is not as unified in celebration as anticipated by Sue, Steve et al yesterday. I see that the American who finished fifth made some comment after the race (quoted in The Guardian) about being clean and they cna test her whenever they like. However, I seem to have missed that in Phil Yates’ interviews yesterday…
      If you missed it this morning there’s quite an interesting phone in with calls from Tim Don, Geoff Parsons and Darren Campbell on Five Live Victoria Derbyshire (which has the unfortunate consequence of having to listen to her) between 9 and 10.05 or so. Simon Clegg (?) from the BOA was on too.
      I thought Monty had turned all affable since his recent engagement 😉 My father in law is a golf nut and fervent Monty hater – who attributes this to Monty swearing at a 5 or 6 year old until the boy cried during a round at Carnoustie in ’99 (right year?).

      • I got the independent last week (you got a free bottle of water with it, and the paper was cheaper) and there was quite an interesting couple of pages, with one journalist writing why ohorogua was a beacon of sporting comebackedness, and one writin why she was a disgrace. quite interesting to see a newspaper willing to so openly review the fact that she may have indeed been dodgy against the prevailing opinion that she was “wronged.”

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