Kelly Sotherton condemns drug cheat

After winning bronze in the Heptathlon Kelly Sotherton condemned the silver medallist as a drug cheat.  After a “we don’t want her sort in the sport” diatribe and a statement that she personally wouldn’t speak to a drug cheat, Sotherton said that everyone knew that British athletics strongly condemned drugs cheats.

Sotherton said,

“It’s hard to trust someone who has failed a test. When they come back and are still improving, it’s even harder.” 

“You still have doubts and 99% of us have doubts about certain athletes – and unfortunately she’s one of them.” 

“When you compete against people who have failed drugs tests, and then they carry on improving when they’re supposed to be clean – how can that be possible?

“I hope she’s clean, I really do because it would please me and everyone else. We’ll find out, we keep battling on but unfortunately you’re always going to get the cheats.”

“I would support a four-year ban or a life ban (for testing positive rather than missing a test),” said Sotherton the day before Christine Ohuruogo reached the final of the women’s 400 metres.

Michael Rasmussen remains unemployed.

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4 Responses to Kelly Sotherton condemns drug cheat

  1. shaz_rte says:

    Christine Ohuruogo may be a good runner, but she is also terminally stupid! If you’re an international runner with lottery funding, drug tests are part of the deal. Her comments when she was interviewed on her return showed a total inability to take responsibility for her own actions. Tim Don, who was banned for the same reason, made it clear it was his fault and he certainly wouldn’t be making the same mistake(s) again. Ohuruogo sighed and whined and said she couldn’t see what she could have done differently . . .
    In fact, she sounded like a certain Premiership footballer who missed drugs tests as well . . .

    • The way she’s handled it has been very poor. Don at least appeared contrite and sheepish. My main problem is the British double standard which Sotherton exhibited in her interview with Nicky Campbell this morning – that when an evil foreigner misses drugs tests he’s a cheat, when a Brit does it it’s because he or she is forgetful with no malicious intent. Campbell asked Sotherton about Ohuruogo – oh, she’s not cheated came the reply. he then asked her about Linford Christie and his failed test. She hummed and hawed and ducked the question. If Ohuruogo medals tomorrow I await the publicity for the 4th place athlete complaining about drugs cheats in an interview with Phil Yates đŸ˜‰

      • shaz_rte says:

        Heh! Good point. S’pose the only difference is that Blonska did test positive for drugs, while we have to assume cock-up rather than conspiracy theory for Ohuruogo.
        Phil Yates is an improvement on Sally Gunnell. Slightly. If you’re feeling charitable. Thank heavens for mute buttons on TV remote controls :o)
        I shall refrain from my usual rant about the lamentable standard of interviewing on TV sport. And aside from the very wonderful Michael Johnson, the expert analysis is beyond grim. Pigs really will do stall turns over my house the day Colin Jackson criticises someone or when the ghastly Jonathan Edwards stops talking about himself . . .

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