Words matter

Compare and contrast the following news reports.

At 11.30 am

“Jill Dando’s murderer Barry George has been refused bail prior to his appeal”

At 1.30 pm

“The man convicted of Jill Dando’s murder, Barry George, has been refused bail”

The BBC news website has the headline

“Dando killer George refused bail”

The Criminal cases review commission has referred the matter back to the court of appeal.  The press release at the time notes that,

“To refer a conviction to the Court of Appeal, the Commission must decide there is a ‘real possibility’ that the conviction if referred will be quashed. This test is set out in the Criminal Appeal Act. The Commission has in this case concluded that the new evidence regarding the firearms discharge does raise such a real possibility. “

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4 Responses to Words matter

  1. ramtops says:

    I have a gut feeling that Barry George was fitted up.

    • I don’t know if I’d go that far, but the day of the verdict coincided with a work away day. We knew the verdict was due, and no-one (based on the media reports) could believe the decision. Of course we weren’t there and didn’t hear what the jury heard but gut reaction was that this decision was hevaily influenced by the pre-trial publicity.
      I expect a retrial to be ordered come the autumn.

  2. camies says:

    BBC London News’s difference of words was very clear. Along the lines of:
    “Learco Chindamo, who killed Headmaster Philip Lawrence …”
    but in the next story,
    “Barry George, the man found guilty of killing Jill Dando …”

  3. Anonymous says:

    barry george
    This is one of the most disquieting appeal cases on the go at the moment. Of course we, the public, didn’t hear all the evidence, but the main thrust of it is apparently this – Jill Dando was a very lovely young woman – the nation’s darling in fact – Barry George is a bona fide weirdo – Barry George lives just a few hundred yards away from where lovely Jill was murdered.
    Barry George had hundreds of newspapers in his house and some of them had pictures of Jill Dando in them. Barry George is a weirdo.
    Quite sufficient to satisfy the most fastidious juror I think.
    Add on top (in fact this is the real evidence) that about a year after his arrest the police found in Barry George’s clothing, a tiny speck of some sort of discharge which an expert said came from the same source as the bullet that killed Jill and et voila !
    And Barry George is a weirdo.
    But I saw a programme last year that demolished the scientific evidence of the ‘discharge’ coming from the same source as the bullet.
    If that bit of the evidence is discredited, the prosecution case is that Barry George is a weirdo.
    I look forward to the appeal hearing.

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