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Last FM

I do like Last FM, but the scrobbling confusion between the James Taylor Quartet’s special delights and James Vernon Taylor may lead to some unfortunate consequences for my radio station…

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Public service posting from Jimmy Saville for “you ladies”

As Jimmy notes, special advice for “you ladies”

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If you can’t say anything nice about someone don’t say anything at all

hence, on this anniversary (and about the time that ten years ago the Merc left the building) I’ll maintain a dignified silence.  I’m too choked to go anywhere near a keyboard or stuff with electrics an’ all that.  And I … Continue reading

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What does Sean Connery eat and other quandaries of modern life?

For those with a spare few minutes an examination of freedom of information disclosures is always entertaining.  All disclosures from the Scottish Executive are listed in one conveniently accessible webpage and reveal the following: What did Sir Sean and Lady Connery … Continue reading

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Spot the difference contest

Can you spot the difference between these pictures and the coverage of the respective stories in the UK media?

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Headline of the day

Trampoline boy swallows £2 coin. which is not a Day Today headline about a juvenile trampoline but about a boy who was trampolining with a £2 coin between his teeth.

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Kelly Sotherton condemns drug cheat

After winning bronze in the Heptathlon Kelly Sotherton condemned the silver medallist as a drug cheat.  After a “we don’t want her sort in the sport” diatribe and a statement that she personally wouldn’t speak to a drug cheat, Sotherton … Continue reading

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US political news

via khaosworks  there was something, but I’m afraid I can’t recall just now.  

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Book festival

This lunchtime I saw Andrey Kurkov and Ronan Bennett at the Book festival.  Bennett read from Zugzwang (serialised in The Observer last year and my introduction to his work but we’re assured with a different second half), Kurkov from his new … Continue reading

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Legal news

To add to the list of things to remind the first year students not to do in the introductory lectures: Do not fake a judgment, e-mail it from a shop with a CCTv camera taking pictures of you removing your … Continue reading

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No mean Tommy

I realise that it has been some time since I posted a Tomster update.  Sadly, due to work and family commitments I didn’t make his poorly reviewed chat show on the fringe so failed to witness the appearance of notorious … Continue reading

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The Mactaggart lecture

The full text of Jeremy Paxman’s Mactaggart lecture is available here.  An impassioned speech from a man that cares about television, and about news.  His comments on the impact of the Conservative and nuLab broadcasting reforms on public service broadcasting … Continue reading

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Scottish politics – first cracks?

The story so far: Alex Salmond for First Minister (sometimes known as the SNP) received most votes and most seats at the election but fell well short of a majority of both.  They failed to negotiate a coalition with the … Continue reading

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BBC trust rejects Opus Dei appeal

THe BBC has today rejected an appeal by Opus Dei.  The organisation complained that recent BBC broadcasts had portrayed the organisation in a negative light, and gave a false view of the organisation. It is believed the complaint relates to … Continue reading

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Words matter

Compare and contrast the following news reports. At 11.30 am “Jill Dando’s murderer Barry George has been refused bail prior to his appeal” At 1.30 pm “The man convicted of Jill Dando’s murder, Barry George, has been refused bail” The … Continue reading

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Is Tim Henman dead?

You know how it is.  You turn on the radio and people are eulogising “TIger” Tim Henman.  This means one of two things: he’s died suddenly in a bizarre boating or gardening accident; or there’s no news.

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reading meme

Via lonemagpie # What are you reading right now? The Mayor of Casterbridge by Hardy; Face of the Enemy by lonemagpie  (ironically enough); Gold by Dan Rhodes; Day by AL Kennedy; An old pub near the angel by Jim Kelman # … Continue reading

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Alibi news

Note to self: Remind new students not to give false alibis for dodgy characters in criminal cases.  That will only lead to ruin and the gaol.

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Why the blogging minister stopped blogging

Thanks to Douglas Fraser of the Herald for revealing why Mike Russell stopped his blog.  Fraser wrote last Monday, “Mike Russell, the environment minister, has stopped blogging publicly, as his online candour was beginning to clash with his contract of … Continue reading

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Blogging ministers

So why has Mike Russell stopped his blog only three days after the Beeb featured his blog in an anodyne article on the BBC news website. His blog homepage simply indicates it is now open by invitation only. Russell’s homepage … Continue reading

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